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Lesson 27

Level B

The Verb Go

Which word best completes each sentence? Fill in the circle next to your answer. 1. Have you ever _____ to Florida? go gone went 2. Last month, my family _____ to Walt Disney World. go gone went 3. We _____ on vacation once a year. go gone went 4. Sometimes we just _____ camping for our vacation. go gone went 5. We have also _____ to amusement parks. go gone went 6. When we _____ to Florida, we had a blast! go gone went 7. In addition to Disney World, we also _____ to the beach. go gone went

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9. I like to _____ swimming in pools. go gone went 10. So I _____ into the ocean right away. go gone went 11. One day, we _____ to Kennedy Space Center. go gone went 12. I heard about NASA when I _____ to the library. go gone went 13. Have you ever _____ to Kennedy Space Center? go gone went 14. If you ever _____ to Florida, visit the Space Center. go gone went 15. We had so much fun that we _____ two days in a row! go gone went

8. I had never _____ swimming in the ocean before. go gone went

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