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Our wine list features the best offerings from Greece and the Levant, the same regions that inspire our food. You will notice some varietals unique to these regions, and less well-known in the U.S., as well as some well-known international varietals. To encourage you to try a grape with which you might be less familiar, each section includes a brief overview of the general characteristics of the grape, the region, or the producer. We have also included a selection of wines from other areas of the Mediterranean, the shores of which have been interconnected throughout history, to allow you to explore a different region with each visit to our restaurant. Enjoy your wine!


A variety of primarily Eastern Mediterranean wines have been carefully selected for your enjoyment by the glass. Please ask your server about them! SPARKLING Perelada Brut Reserva, Cava, Spain NV 9.5 | 43 14 | 59

Domaine Tselepos Amalia Brut, Tegea, Greece NV WHITES Assyrtiko/Athiri/Aidani, Agyros Atlantis Santorini, Greece '11 11 | 48

Chardonnay, Fragou, Peloponnessos, Greece '11 Moschofilero, Antonopoulos, Achaia, Greece '10

9.5 | 39 9.75 | 44 9 | 38 10.75 | 46 11.5 | 48

Muscat, Petros Honas Phelonoe, Lemnos, Greece '11 Roditis/Viognier, Domaine Mecouri Foloi, Peloponnessos, Greece '11 Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion/Assyrtiko, Domaine K. Lazaridi Amethystos, Drama, Greece '11 Savatiano, Muses Estate, Thebes, Greece '11 ROSÉ Agiorgitiko, Gaia Estate 14-18h, Peloponnessos, Greece '11 Xinomavro, Dio Fili, Macedonia,Greece `11 RETSINA Retsina, Kechri Kechribari, Thessaloniki, Greece NV REDS Agiorgitiko, Skouras Saint George, Nemea, Greece '10 Cabernet Sauvignon, Tetramythos, Patras, Greece '09 Cabernet/Cinsault/Syrah, Ch. Musar Jeune Rouge, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon '10 9 | 38

9.75 | 44

9 | 37

9 | 37

9.75 | 46 11 | 48 12.5 | 56 12 | 54

Mavrodaphne/Merlot/Cabernet Franc, Antonopoulos Private Collection Red, Achaia, Greece '06 Cinsault/Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Massaya Classic Red, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon '09 Mandilaria/Mavrotragano, Argyros Atlantis, Santorini, Greece '08 11.5 | 48 11.75 | 52 9 | 37

Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon, Ampelou Gis, Peloponnessos, Greece '10

Xinomavro, Kir Yianni Ramnista, Naoussa, Greece '09 SWEET WINES

16 | 64

Our dessert wines offer a wide range of palettes reflecting the diversity of their respective regions. A little bit here and there for the ultimate choice. Mavrodaphne de Patras, Kourtaki, Patra, Greece Muscat de Samos, Kourtaki, Samos, Greece Vinsanto, Gavalas, Santorini, Greece '04, 500ml Commandaria Alasia, Cyprus 9 | 65 8 | 56 6 | 42

6 | 42 13 | 49

Muscat/Traminer, Barboursville Vineyards Phileo, Virginia Pedro Ximenez, Hidalgo, Sherry, Spain, 375ml 11 | 45

Late Bottled Vintage, Quinto do Crasto, Port, Portugal

9 | 63


Mediterranean bubbly is some of the best value sparkling wine in the world. But in the end, nobody makes better Champagne than Champagne. Spiropoulos Ode Panos, Mantinia, Greece NV Aubry Brut, Reims, France NV 89 145 155 58

Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee, Ay, France NV

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose, Mareuil-Sur-Ay, France NV


We love the way our food works with rosé wines. Here are a variety of grapes and styles. Smokey crisp flavors, bold and fruity, strawberry and hibiscus notes. Have fun! Cinsault, Chateau Musar Jeune Rose, Bekaa Valley '10 48


These wines are produced from both indigenous and international varietals. Isn't it a great day to try something new? LEBANON Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay/Semillon, Chateau Ksara Blanc de Blancs, Bekaa Valley '11 30

Chateau Musar Founded in 1930 by Gaston Hochar, this 18th century castle is located in Ghazir, just fifteen miles north of Beirut. Chateau Musar and winemaker Serge Hochar have since established themselves as one of the premiere wineries in the world. White Musar wines are among Serge's personal favorites being truly complex and very unique in style. Chardonnay/Viogner/Vermentino, Jeune Blanc, Bekaa Valley '11 48 Obeideh/Merwah, Bekaa Valley '04 91 Obeideh/Merwah, Bekaa Valley '95 205 TURKEY Narince, Kavaklidere, Tokat '08 62 36

Emir, Kavaklidere Cankaya, Nevsehir '10


AIDANI ­ An ancient Greek grape mainly found in the Cyclades islands, it produces wines that are pleasantly aromatic with a floral bouquet that is reminiscent of jasmine. Aidani, Argyros, Santorini '11 67

ASSYRTIKO ­ Arguably Greece's most celebrated white grape. Grown primarily in the volcanic soils of the island of Santorini, this grape produces wine with earthy, mineral notes usually accompanied by flinty and citrus characteristics. Assyrtiko, Gaia Estate Thalassitis, Santorini '11 Assyrtiko, Argyros, Santorini '11 Assyrtiko, Sigalas, Santorini '11 65 76 58 64 63

Assyrtiko/Athiri, Sigalas, Santorini '11

Assyrtiko/Malagouzia/Athiri, Argatia, Macedonia '10

KATSANO/GAIDOURIA ­ Both grape varieties are little known outside the island of Santorini, as they only cover 1% of the total vineyard. The production of these wines is strictly limited. Katsano/Gaidouria, Gavalas Katsano, Santorini '11 65

MOSCHOFILERO ­ This grey-skinned grape from the Mantinia region of Greece produces wines that are quite complex, with dynamic, floral notes such as honeysuckle, violet, and rose. Moschofilero, Kotrotso Erasmios, Patras '11 Moschofilero, Boutari, Mantinia '10 39 37 29

Moschofilero/Roditis, Cellars Nikiforou, Mantinia '10

MALAGOUSIA ­ From the region of Nafpaktos in western Greece, this grape is particularly aromatic leading to elegant full-bodied wines, with medium acidity and exciting aromas of exotic fruits, citrus, jasmine and mint. Malagousia, Antonopoulos, Achaia '11 Malagousia, Tetramythos, Achaia '11 55 39

ROBOLA ­ This grape flourishes in soils that are dry and rocky. Wines are characterized by a lemony palate mingled with hints of smoke, and long, mineral finishes. Robola, Gentillini, Cephalonia '11 47 42

Robola/Assyrtiko, Mercouri Kallisto, Peloponnessos '11

OTHER WHITE GRAPE VARIETALS ­ Foreign white varieties were introduced to Greece in the 1960s. The following handful of imported varieties are either blended with Greek cultivars or bottled as varietals. Sauvignon Blanc /Assyrtiko, Biblia Chora Estate, Kavala '11 Viognier, Skouras, Argos '09 62 59

RETSINA ­ Exported from Greece for more than 2,000 years, its unique flavor is said to have originated from the ancient practice of sealing wine vessels, particularly amphorae, with pine resin. Retsina, Gaia Estate Ritinitis Nobilis, Nemea, Greece NV 38


AGIORGITIKO ­ This grape produces medium to full-bodied wines with intense red and black fruit notes with a palate that may be a cross between a Cab Franc and a Merlot. Very suitable for both young and cask-aged wines. Agiorgitiko, Aivalis, Nemea '10 67 67 144 96

Agiorgitiko, Mitravelas Estate, Nemea '06 Agiorgitiko, Aivalis Four Tessera, Nemea '08

Agiorgitiko, Gaia Estate Estate Selection, Nemea '07

LIMNIO ­ With ancient origin from the island of Lemnos and mentioned in Greek mythology, this grape produces some lean and herbaceous wines of considerable body. Limnio, Porto Carras, Halkidiki '10 45

MANDILARIA ­ Originally used to increase the color of lighter wines, this grape produces wines that are bold and chewy with remarkable tannins. Mandilaria/Syrah, Diamantakis Diamond Rock, Crete `09 63

MAVRODAPHNE ­ Translated as "black laurel," this grape is originally from Cephalonia and produces wines that are rich in anthocyanins and total phenols, producing a dark purple color. Mavrodaphne, Gentilini Eclipse, Cephalonia `10 49

XINOMAVRO ­ Literally translated as "acid black". The Xinomavro can produce age-worthy reds with firm tannins and great complexity. The best examples have been often compared to the renowned wines of Burgundy and Piedmont. Xinomavro, Thymipoulos Young Vines, Naoussa '10 Xinomavro, Uranos, Naoussa '08 66 73 42

Xinomavro, Domaine Karydas, Naoussa '08 Xinomavro, Alpha Estate, Amydeon '05 97

Xinomavro/Merlot/Syrah, Kir-Yianni, Paranga '10

44 81

Xinomavro/Negoska, Boutari, Filiria, Goumenissa '05 Xinomavro/Syrah, Alpha Estate Axia, Florina '08 78

Xinomavro/Syrah/Merlot, Alpha Estate, Amydeon '07


OTHER RED GRAPE VARIETALS ­ Since their arrival in the past century, cosmopolitan red varieties have adapted to and are suited for the warm Greek climate. Some wines made from these well known grapes have gained international recognition. Cabernet Sauvignon, Amethystos Cava, Drama '05 Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc/Merlot, Nico Lazaridis, Drama '09 72 Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Kikones Ippeas, Ismaros `07 Cabernet Franc/Merlot/Saint George, Skouras Synoro, Argos '06 86 Cabernet Sauvignon, Antonopoulos Nea Dris, Achaia `04 Merlot, Nico Lazaridi, Agora '09 62 71 61 84 67 117

Merlot, K. Lazaridi Chateau Julia, Drama'08

Mourvedre/Avgoustiatis, Domaine Mercouri, Antares '05 Refosco, Domaine Mercouri, Antares '07 94

Refosco/Mavrodaphne, Domaine Mercouri, Antares '07 Syrah, Diamantakis Prinos, Crete `10 54 93


Syrah/Kotsifali, Boutari, Skalani, Crete '05 Syrah, Avantis Estate, Evia `09 52

Syrah/Grenache/Mourvedre/Roussanne, Manousakis Alexandra's, Crete '09 52


LEBANON The Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, with terroir similar to France, produces an assortment of earthy, rich, robust wines using classic Bordeaux and Rhone varietals. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chateau Ksara Cuvee Speciale, Bekaa Valley '09 55 30

Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc/Syrah, Chateau Ksara Reserve du Couvent, Bekaa Valley '10 Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Petite Verdot, Chateau Ksara, Bekaa Valley '08 56 Cabernet Sauvignon/Mourvedre/Syrah, Massaya Gold, Bekaa Valley '08 96 Cinsault/Grenache/Mourvedre, Massaya Silver, Bekaa Valley '09 51 36

Syrah, Domaine Wardy, Bekaa Valley '07

Chateau Musar Founded in 1930 by Gaston Hochar, this 18th century castle is located in Ghazir, just fifteen miles north of Beirut. Chateau Musar and winemaker Serge Hochar have since established themselves as one of the premiere wineries in the world. The red wines of Chateau Musar are known for their complexity and maturity. The wine is aged 12 to 15 months in Nevers oak, and blended in its third year, before being bottled and aged in the cellar for four years. Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Petite Verdot, Hochar, Bekaa Valley '07 72 Cabernet Sauvignon/Carignan/Cinsault, Bekaa Valley '01, 375ml 67 Cabernet Sauvignon/Carignan/Cinsault Bekaa Valley '03 145 TURKEY Kalecik Karasi, Kavaklidere, Ankara '08 Ökügözü, Kavaklidere Selection, Elazig '07 ISRAEL Viticulture has existed in Israel since biblical times. Nonetheless it has only been in the past few years that the wine culture in Israel has exploded. Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Recanati Special Reserve, Galilee '07 112 45 71 38

Petite Sirah/Zinfandel, Recanati Reserve, Galilee '09


In the eighth and seventh centuries BC, the Greeks began settling in southern Italy for various reasons, including famine, overcrowding, the search for new commercial outlets/ports and expulsion from their homeland. The Romans called the area of Sicily and the foot of the boot of Italy, Magna Graecia (Latin translation, "Greater Greece"), since it was so densely inhabited by the Greeks. With this colonization, Greek culture was brought to Italy including Greek varietals, cultivation techniques, and wine trading throughout the Mediterranean region. WHITES Vermentino, Domaine Maestracci E Prove, Corsica '11 Fiano di Avellino, Feudi di San Gregorio, Campania '09 Caprettone/Falanghina, De Angelis Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio, Campania '09 Falanghina, Cantina del Taburno, Campania '11 Greco di Tufo, Terredora di Paolo Loggia della Serra, Campania '11 REDS Monica, Argiolas Perdera, Sardinia '09 32 40 80 45 52 47 49 52

Cannonau di Sardegna, Sella & Mosca, Sardinia '07

Nero d'Avola/Frappato di Vittoria, COS Pithos, Sicily '10 Aglianico, Terredora di Paolo Taurasi, Campania '05 76 59

Nero d'Avola, Tasca d'Almerita Lamuri, Sicily `09 Callet/Mantonegro/Fogoneu, Anima Negra AN/2, Mallorca `09 54 49

Aglianico, Mastroberardino, Campania `09

Nielluccio, Yves Leccia Patrimonio, Corsica `09


Wine vintages are subject to change.


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