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While most people might know about social networking, not everybody knows how to use it to its full advantage and its benefits.

Of course the main reasons people network are to talk to others, build relationships and find people who are similar to themselves, but not many are aware of the dangers of being on social networks.

A social networking site can be a good way to make connections with people with similar interests and goals.

It can be a way to connect with people that one may not have had the opportunity to meet before. "Poking" has become the new handshake making friends and renewing old ones is easy.


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But who is the great person behind the famous social network facebook? A local internet service provider IT practitioner Hemilton Manika says Facebook just like the computer is an idea that came from a young man.

Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 in his Harvard dorm room came up with a way for him, his friends and schoolmates to connect.

Analysts think Zuckerberg 23, could be the nation's richest man under the age of 25 as compared to visionaries like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

The more people one meets, the more business opportunities one can come across.

One can meet other leaders and players in their industry and relationships can grow.

Hemilton Manika says social networks have advantages and disadvantages to those people who use them.


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Reports say Italian police have tracked down one of the country's fugitive mafia suspects - on Facebook.

Pasquale Manfredi, 33, was on Italy's 100 Most Wanted List and had been on the run for a year.

There are also reports of a 17 year old girl Ashleigh Hall who was raped, suffocated and her body dumped in a field in the UK.

The girl had been attracted by a picture of a young, bare-chested man who called himself Peter Cartwright but was Peter Chapman aged 33.

Systems engineer Abisai Matangira talks of how one can be tracked by a criminal.

There have been reports also of marriages which have broken down due to some partners getting hooked on facebook through cyber sex.


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According to some reports, US law-enforcement agents are being trained to use social-networking sites like Facebook to befriend suspects and collect evidence, by getting access to their social networks.

Experts however discourage one from posting anything that might be embarrassing to themselves and a potential employment situation.

People have been denied work because of information found on social networking sites.

They say one should utilise the "Privacy" settings on Facebook by adjusting the settings so as to control who has access to personal information.

Above all, social networks are essential to everyone, the more one participates in social networking and the more opportunities there are to start conversations which may have a professional impact on their lives.



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