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Group of Companies

Room# 310-314, 3rd Floor, Elahi Centre Preedy Street, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel: +(92)-21-3272-1223 / 3272-1814 / 3272-5261 Fax: +(92)-21-3272-3972 Email: [email protected]

ZUBAIR Group of companies now consists of Zubair Enterprises, Zubair Electronics,

Zubair Electronics Services, Mayet General Trading LLC, Mayet Enterprises Ltd. and branches at 4 major cities of Pakistan, two at UAE & 2 at Myanmar. Zubair Group is the leader of technology innovator in electronics, information and communications products. Zubair Electronics is one of the region's largest reseller of Multimedia Products, Computing Accessories and Power control systems. - Since its inception in 1972, we have strictly followed the principles of fair dealings, customer services and innovative approach in business execution. Due to adherence to these principles our customer base is ever widening. Today, throughout Pakistan and Middle East, the dealer-customers & corporate / institutional clients have unshaken faith in our supplies & services. - Our customers/clients include dealers network & institutes such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, universities, multi-national, Government & semi-Government offices. This means our target is both wholesale & retail. Certain items we import requires distribution through dealers' network with warranty, where as many other products are for direct end-users with service backup guarantees. Electronics is our main import line. We are distributors of many branded products and enjoy the confidence of our principles. Our imports could be categorized into following 1. Computer , Accessories and Peripherals Memory Products, Network Product, Network Accessories, Hard Drives, Web and Digital Cameras, Scanners, Multi Media Speakers, Keyboards, and Mouse 2. Consumer Electronics: LCD TV, DVD Players Portable and other, MP3 & MP4 Players, Home appliances etc. 3. Game Accessories Accessories for Sony®, Nintendo ® game consoles. 4. Electric Power Control System: Automatic Voltage Regulator (A.V.R), Uninterruptible Power Supply (U.P.S), Transformers, Inverters, Electric Generators, Lithium and Lead Acid Maintenance

free Batteries, Battery Charger, Halogen Spot Light, Energy Meters (Gas and Electric), Line Conditioner, Power Strip with RFI/EFI filters, Pressure, Pump, Air Compressor, Surge Suppressor, Ultra Isolating Transformer, etc.

- We take pride in representing some local & International popular brands. · . . . . · · · Mustek ® Scanners HP ® Brand of USB Drives STAR WORLD ® Satellite Reception products Green® Brand of Consumer Electronics Deep ® Brand Grooming products XPOD® U.K in consumer electronics. Tenda® Network accessories STABIMATIC UK ® for electric power control systems.

- We also enjoy close cooperation of Matsushita Electric Trading Co. Ltd (PANASONIC) & LG for components since over 3 decades for video components.

- We believe that customers are essential for the survival of our company. In response, our management objective is to address our commitment to put it all on the line to meet our customer's needs. Our customer-oriented objectives are not written in a book but practiced as fundamental management principles. In time, we have built our strength and grown to sufficiently compete with others in the electronics, information and communications industries globally. During the past half century, numerous companies have come and gone. However, we have managed to achieve steady growth. Behind our steady growth stands the seamless teamwork of our dedicated employees who have combined their efforts within a culture of challenge and change. However the prime factor of the growth has been the trust and support of our customers.






ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS, Suite No 310-314, 3rd Floor, Elahi Centre, Preedy Street, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan. Tel: +(92)-21272-1223 / 272-1814 / 272-5261 Fax: +(92)-21-272-3972


1- ZUBAIR ENTERPRISES Suite No 204- 206, 3rd Floor, Elahi Centre, Preedy Street, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan. Tel: +(92)-21-272-3591, Fax: +(92)-21-272-8247 2- ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS SERVICES, Suite No 210, 3rd Floor,Elahi Centre, Preedy Street, . . . ...Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan. Tel: +(92)-21-277-0830


1- ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS Suite 68, 3rd Floor, Hafeez Centre, Gulberg II Lahore. Ph: 042-35762168/69

2- ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS Suite No 111, 1st.Floor, Umair Plaza, 6th.Road, Rawal Pindi Ph:051-4852598/99 Tel: +(92)-51-227-6406 / 227-6395 3- ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS Suit 5, 1st. Fl, Shahid Plaza, University Rd. Peshawar, Ph: 091-5854870. 4- ZUBAIR ELECTRONICS Suite No 67G, Mall Plaza, Quaid-e-Azam Road, Shangrila Chowk, Multan, Pakistan. Tel: +(92)-61-517500

Overseas Dubai:

Mayet General Trading LLC, Br. at Bur Dubai: #1 Al-Refa St. Bur Dubai, UAE Ph: +971-4-3939423, Fax:+971-4-3939428 Dera Dubai: #8, Al-Kawther Bldg, Fikree Market, Dera Dubai, UAE Ph: +971-4-2261461, 2259919, Fax:+971-4-2261462

Burma (Myanmar)

Mayet Enterprises Ltd, city center: 147 Anawratha St. Kyauktada, Yangon Ph: +95-1-287321, 2874900, Fax:+95-1-246617, 525226 Br. at suburb : 67-69, Daw Thein Tin St., Kandawglay, Yangon Ph: +95-1-249936


1- Bank Al Habib Limited, Regal Chowk Branch, Saddar, Karachi. 2- KASB Preedy St.Branch, Sadar,Karachi. 3- Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited, Preedy Street, Sadar, Karachi.


Service is provided for Computers and its accessories, Mobile Phones & Power Systems.


Dealers and Corporate bodies throughout Pakistan and UAE.


KARACHI: 1- MAYET ENTERPRISE, 163 Anawratha St, Yagon, 1-Room No 210/1 & 210/2, 3rd Floor Elahi Center for Multimedia Products


2-Room No 212, 3rd Floor Elahi Center for UPS, AVR etc

Tel: +(95)- 1-387321 / 346617


Shop Fax:4, 2F Hamza Centre, Hall Rd Lahore. No +(95)- 1-272-374900 Mob:0321-4391956 Email: [email protected] RWL & ISB 111, 1st.Fl, Umair Plaza, 6th.Rd, Rawal Pindi Pakistan. Ph:051-4852598/99 Tel: +(92)-51-227-6406 / 227-6395


1972 1976 1979

.. .

: Established. Importer of Audio component : Video Components were added to the list. We are pioneer in this field in . . . . : TV Components and Accessories like boosters, antennas and rotators etc.

were added to our import list.

............... . Pakistan.


1980 1983 1986

: Import of Air Condition.

: A division was created to handle growing demand for power stability. Hence Automatic Voltage2- Muslim Commercialwere introducedFrere Road of trade. Regulators, U.P.S. etc. Bank Limited, to our line Branch, Karachi. : Another division was created to handle Microcomputer and Accessories as soon as import Taxes reduced. We are pioneer in compatible PCs import in Pakistan.

1990-94 : Branches opened at Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar & Multan cities of Pakistan. 1996 :Acquired distributorship of STABIMATIC Co.Ltd, U.K. for their . . . . . . . of Voltage Control products- Automatic Voltage Regulators, . . . . . . . . . . . . . .UPS, Transformers etc.

1997 2001

: Acquired distributorship of Philips microcomputers & Peripherals for Pakistan. : Retail Shops at Karachi, Lahore opened. : An overseas business enterprise established at Yangon,

..Myanmar. .....


: Acquired distributorship of BenQ Computer related products for Pakistan.



: Mobile phones division was created and started marketing DBTEL brand of

Taiwan & ZTE brand of China.


: Distributorship of Xpod brand of U.K. for Multimedia products acquired.

: Power division office opened in Lahore.

2007 2008 2009

: Another overseas business enterprise in electronics opened at Dubai, UAE.

: Another branch opened at Dera Dubai, UAE : Distribution of Tenda


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