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OxyGuard Handy ­ Alpha, Beta and Gamma

OxyGuard Handy is a portable dissolved oxygen meter. It measures both ppm (mg/l) and % saturation. The Handy Alpha measures oxygen only. The Handy Beta and Gamma also measures temperature. The Handy Gamma has salinity compensation. The instruments are operated using foil switches. Each unit is supplied with a detachable clip for easy attachment to a belt or clipboard. The display on the Beta and Gamma can be backlit. · · · · · · · · · · ·

Galvanic type probe with short response time ­ ready for immediate use and no need for polarization & stabilization time. Measuring range ­ 0-50.0 ppm, 0-600% Sat. Waterproof ­ submersible but will float if dropped in the water. Excellent probe stability ­ one daily calibration check is usually more than enough. Tough membrane ­ can be wiped clean with cloth or paper towel. Long life probe ­ does not need regular renovation, only change membrane when necessary. Probe can be stored dry. Easily exchanged membrane ­ no more fumbling and struggling to replace a membrane. Compact and light weight ­ with a detachable clip for use on a belt or clipboard. Display can be illuminated (back lit). Power Source - standard 9 volt battery, more than 1000 operating hours.; "Lo Bat" indicator Standard Accessories ­ belt clip, service kit that includes spare membrane cap, membranes, electrolyte and tool.

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Zeigler Bros., Inc. P.O. Box 95, Gardners, PA 17324 USA 717-677-6181 717-677-6826 (fax) [email protected]

Oxyguard Handy Specifications Handy Alpha: ppm (mg/l) and % saturation. Part # 930000 Handy Beta: ppm (mg/l), % saturation and temperature. Part #930100 Handy Gamma: ppm (mg/l), % saturation and temperature. Part #930200 Salinity compensation via foil switches. Probe Type: Galvanic cell, self-polarizing, self-temperature compensating. Cable Length: Standard 3 m. (10 ft.) Any length available on request. Operating Conditions: 0 ­ 50oC (32 - 122oF). Range: Standard: 0-50.0 ppm (mg/l) and 0-600% saturation. Will indicate up to 199.9 ppm (mg/l) and 1999% saturation. Accuracy: Depends on calibration method. Typically better than +1% of measured value +1 digit when calibration temperature equals measuring temp. +10oC (18oF). Repeatability: Typically better than +0.5% of measured value. Response time: 90% of end value in less than 10 seconds. Min. Water Velocity: 3 to 5 cm/sec. (1 to 2 inch/sec). Accuracy, Temperature: +0.2oC (Beta and Gamma). Salinity Compensation: 0-50 ppt salinity. Set using push buttons (Gamma only). Dimensions: 96 mm diameter x 36 mm (3 3/4" dia x 1 1/2") + belt clip (if used). Standard Accessories: Belt clip, carrying pouch and service kit comprising spare membrane cap, membranes, electrolyte. Parameters:

Detachable Clip Holder

Attach clip to your belt or clipboard and the Handy snaps on and off easily.

(Rev 082707st)

Zeigler Bros., Inc. P.O. Box 95, Gardners, PA 17324 USA 717-677-6181 717-677-6826 (fax) [email protected]


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