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Dispensary Technology From ZEISS

i.Terminal TM The Dispensary System from ZEISS

i.Terminal by ZEISS is a unique integrated dispensary system that combines a new level of fitting and measurement precision with enhanced patient consultation. In one simple process, i.Terminal: · Measures monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, vertex distance and frame wrap automatically. · Creates photo images for review by the patient and dispenser. · Provides interactive demonstrations of lens enhancements.

i.Terminal Benefits for the Practice

Advanced Measurement Technology

· Delivers superior fitting accuracy for optimum progressive lens performance. · Ensures consistent measurements even with a large dispensing staff.

Lens Customization

· Automatically takes vertex distance, lens tilt and frame wrap measurements for the patient's chosen frame. · Allows advanced progressive lens customization using free-form technology.

Enhanced Patient Consultation

· Enhanced mirror allows patients to see themselves in their frame choices. · Demonstrates lens enhancements recommended by the dispenser.

A Unique Patient Experience

· Creates an engaging lens purchase experience that will set your practice apart from others in your market.

Measurement Module delivers 0.1 mm accuracy.

"We use our i.Terminal for every eyeglass lens customer. That way, all of our patients get the best performance from their lenses through the most accurate fitting possible. The consultation package is great for demonstrating upgrades like Transitions ®. Our patients have been very impressed by the i.Terminal, and we're getting great word-of-mouth from it!" ­ Paul Dimos, Lexington Vision, Lexington, Massachusetts

Dispensary Technology From ZEISS

i.Terminal Features

Measurement Module

· Patented laser speckle target system allows patient's eyes to relax for accurate distance PD measurement. · Precision digital camera captures both frontal and profile images of patient wearing their chosen frame. · Computerized measurement system processes images automatically, measuring monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, vertex distance, and frame wrap to an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Patient Consultation Module

· Displays the images of the patient in their chosen frame for review with dispenser. · Allows patients with strong prescriptions to see how frames will look when worn. · Enhanced mirror allows dispenser to add tints, photochromics and AR to images, so patients can see how lens enhancements look and function.

i.Terminal Specifications

The i.Terminal is available in a floor-standing model and a desktop model to meet the needs and space requirements of your practice. Both models come with everything required for precise measurement and effective patient consultation, including monitor, printer and mouse. All you need is: · Approximately 2' x 4' of space in your dispensary. · A small table for the monitor, or a somewhat larger table and stool if you choose the desktop model. · One standard electrical outlet (110 V).

Without AR coating. With AR coating.

Consultation Module demonstrates lens enhancements.




Preferred payment options: Financing (DLL) or Credit Card. Multiple payment options available. i.Terminal can also be purchased using Carl Zeiss Vision Rewards Program dividends. For more information about Carl Zeiss Vision Rewards or other payment options, contact your Carl Zeiss Vision Representative or call 800-358-8258.

List Price



· Price includes complete system, monitor, printer and mouse, 1- year warranty, shipping, and installation. Taxes not included.

Carl Zeiss Vision Customer Service 800.358.8258 Service Hotline 800.201.4143

©2007 Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH. i.Terminal is a trademark of Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH. Transitions is a registered trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. 000-0139-13230 10/07



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