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Axiovert 25 Inverted Microscope

Putting your cell cultures in a better light

Axiovert 25. A unique combination of advanced performance and ease of use.

Routine and much more.

What is the ideal microscope for your cell culture lab? One that provides performance and convenience for the full range of your work. A routine microscope which masters modern analysis with the same ease as conventional techniques. One that permits all the contrasting methods you need and provides the outstanding image qualitiy of ICS optics. A microscope stand that is a perfect balance of footprint size and stability. A five-position nosepiece with a wide variety of available objectives, sensitive single-knob focusing, a comfortable field of view, a convenient stage height with ample space for all specimen vessels, the ultraconvenience of prealigned Köhler illumination, space-saving integration of the power supply unit ...and much more. In other words, what you would really like is the extraordinary performance and convenience provided by the Axiovert 25 inverted microscope.

The choice is yours.

Two additional features make the Axiovert 25 ideal for your requirements. First, it is available at a surprisingly reasonable price. Second, you select only the equipment which you need for your work. No more and no less. And whatever configuration you choose, the Axiovert 25 will always be precisely what you would expect from Zeiss ­ a microscope in a class all by itself.


Some very special optics.

VAREL and ICS. A unique combination of optics. The Axiovert 25 is fully compatible with the famous Zeiss series of ICS objectives (Infinity Color-corrected System). In addition, the LD objectives (Long Distance) of the Axiovert 25 ­ also members of the ICS family ­ incorporate a truly unique concept: brightfield, phase contrast and VAREL in one. VAREL was developed by Carl Zeiss and is short for Variable Relief Contrast. It operates over an extremely wide spectrum: from brightfield to darkfield. Phase contrast and VAREL ­ two objectives in one. This saves you both time and money ­ and increases the ease and reliability of your analytical work.

Take your pick. Axiovert 25 Inverted microscope for brightfield, phase contrast and VAREL variable relief contrast. Integrated power supply, stepless illumination adjustment. 6 V/25 W halogen lamp with a slider for additional filters. Fiveposition nosepiece, maximum working distance 190 mm.

Axiovert 25 C Like the Axiovert 25, but additionally equipped with an integrated light path for photographic and video documentation (100/100), while maintaining an unobstructed view of the image.

Axiovert 25 CFI Like the Axiovert 25 C, but additionally equipped with a device for epifluorescence: centerable luminous field diaphragm and slider with a reflector mount for 2 fluorescence sets and an open position for transmitted light.


VAREL, video, variable ...

Convenient: unique condenser slider. Provides ample space for maneuvering your specimen: up to 31 mm with LD condenser 0.55; up to 55 mm with LD condenser 0.4; up to 90 mm with LD condenser 0.2. For even larger vessels, you simply slide the condenser backward. It returns to its original position in perfect alignment. The maximum working distance is then 190 mm (with brightfield survey illumination). Flexible: Attachable mechanical stage. Can be used with a wide variety of specimen holding frames. Universal holding frames greatly facilitate microscopic routine with specimen vessels and chambers of different sizes. Practical: glass stage. Part of the extensive line of stages for Axiovert microscopes. Provides clear visibility of the objectives and is easy to keep clean.

Brilliant: incident-light fluorescence. Device for epi-fluorescence and reflector slider for two reflector housings. The free light path increases your contrasting capabilities ­ and all with a single adjustment. Far-sighted: LD A-Plane. The new series of objectives for routine and research. With extra-long working distance. For brightfield, fluorescence, phase contrast and VAREL.

Excellent: documentation. Axiovert 25 C and Axiovert 25 CFI: with 2.5 x/T2 camera adapter and 0.5 x/C or 0.5 x/1/2 ENG video adapter. Both are possible: connection of a SLR camera using a T2 adapter or video documentation using a C or an ENG mount.

Versatile: Ph and VAREL. Contains all contrasting techniques you require: from brightfield and VAREL to phase contrast ­ and all with ICS quality.


Axiovert 25. An excellent basis for optimum results.

The Axiovert 25 is especially designed for a wide range of practical applications: the observation and analysis of primary and permanent cell cultures, the use of simple fluorescence dyes, e.g. for the mycoplasma test, immunological and clinical routine tests in transmitted light and fluorescence.

Fig. 1: Specimen courtesy of Institute of Botanic Sciences (ETH, Zurich) Fig. 2 ­ 4: Specimen courtesy of Medical Genetics (Ulm University)

Fig. 1 Mesophyll protoplast, tobacco (embedded in alginate); brightfield

Fig. 2 V79 cells, Chinese hamster, permanente cell line; phase contrast

Fig. 3 Cardiac muscle cell, rat, primary culture; VAREL

Fig. 4 ES cells, mouse, primary culture; fluorescence, DAPI-staining


Axiovert 25. Choose your own personal configuration.

Axiovert 25

Transmitted light H, Ph, VAREL (ICS optics) 6 V/25 W Incident-light fluorescence (ICS optics) HBO 50 SLR/video documentation 190 mm working distance without condenser 90 mm working distance with LD condenser 0.2 55 mm working distance with LD condenser 0.4 31 mm working distance with LD condenser 0.55 190 mm stage height Quintuple nosepiece q q q q q q q q q q q q q q

Axiovert 25 C


Axiovert 25 CFI

q q q q q q q q q



362 556

115 245

Weight: ca. 15 kg

Microscopy from Carl Zeiss: The resolution to succeed.

For further details, please contact:

Printed on environment-friendly paper, bleached without the use of clorine.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy D-07740 Jena Phone: ++49-36 41 64-16 16 Telefax: ++49-36 41 64-31 44 Internet: [email protected] http: //

Subject to change.

40-012 e/3.99


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