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SSR Mandate Meal Codes - Implementation 07 April 2009

In accordance with recent changes approved by IATA, Sabre will provide special meal code updates to reflect the new standards. 1. The following meal codes are valid for flights departing until 01 June 2009 and then will be sunset: · · · · HFML (High Fibre Meal) LPML (Low Protein Meal) ORML (Oriental Meal PRML (Low Purin)

2. The following meal codes are new: · · VJML (Vegetarian Jain Meal) VOML (Vegetarian Oriental Meal)

3. The following meal code definitions will change on flights departing after 01Jun2009: · · · · · · · · · · · old definition AVML ­ Asian Vegetarian Meal BBML - Infant/Baby Food BLML ­ Bland/Soft meal FPML ­ Fruit Platter GFML ­ Gluten Free Meal LFML ­ Low Cholesterol, Low Fat LSML ­ Low Sodium, No Salt Added Meal NLML ­ Non Lactose Meal RVML ­ Raw Vegetarian Meal VGML ­ Vegetarian Meal (non dairy) VLML ­ Vegetarian Meal (lacto-ovo) new definition VEGETARIAN HINDU MEAL BABY MEAL BLAND MEAL FRUIT PLATTER MEAL GLUTEN INTOLERANT MEAL LOW FAT MEAL LOW SALT MEAL LOW LACTOSE MEAL VEGETARIAN RAW MEAL VEGETARIAN VEGAN MEAL VEGETARIAN LACTO-OVO MEAL



April 2009

Notes: 1. No date edits will be provided to check for flight departures on or before 01JUN2009 2. No checks to existing PNRs will be made (existing PNRs already in the system will not be updated). 3. No end transactions edits will be performed to provide an error telling the agent that the Meal code must be changed. As a reminder regarding individual customer meal preferences, it is the decision/responsibility of the airlines and their partners to update their own meal code tables reflecting how each meal should be offered/handled. 07 April 2009 - New codes are targeted for activation 31 May 2009 - Sunset discontinued codes ­ remove 01 June 2009 - Description updates



April 2009


SSR Mandate Meal Codes - Implementation 07 April

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