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Lubricates & Protects

Z-Works Moly Lubricant

This dry-film lubricant withstands high temperatures and pressures, and protects metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion by displacing moisture.

Applications: Benefits: · Aircraft manufacturers & suppliers · Provides effective lubrication at temperatures up to 750°F · Commercial printers · Formulated to withstand pressure · Fabricated metal shops loads of up to 100,000 psi · Farm machinery & equipment · Non-tacky finish adheres well to · Industrial machinery manufacturers all metals, most plastics, glass, · Manufacturing plants and rubber · Office machines · Frees frozen surfaces, stops · Repair services (other than auto) galling and seizing of metals, prevents chattering Directions for Use: For best results, apply to clean, dry surfaces at room temperature. Shake until marble rattles freely. Continue shaking for at least 30 seconds. Hold container 6 to 8 inches from surface and spray a thin, even film. Avoid a thick film as it decreases efficiency. Allow to dry thoroughly. Clear nozzle by inverting can and spray a few short bursts.

Base Code: R222

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Metal Working

Specifications: Physical Form Color Solvents Propellant Type Active Ingredient Flammability D.O.T. Shipping Label Aerosol Dark gray Chlorinated hydrocarbons Hydrocarbon Micronized molybdenum disulfide Flammable by CSMA Flame Extension Test Corrosive

Packaging Information: SKU Package Quantity R22201 12-20oz cans/case

Weight (lbs) 18

Length (") 11.50

Height (") 10.00

Width (") 8.60

Safety: Please make sure you have read and understand the product label and MSDS before using this product. MSDSs are available at Avoid breathing vapors, spray or mists. Use only with adequate ventilation. Keep container closed. Wash thoroughly after handling. Wash contaminated clothing before reusing. Observe label precautions.

Zep Professional, a unit of Zep Inc. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified ZPSS-R222 · 110a

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