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Bill Darden February 10, 2002 Web addresses will often change, so you can use an Internet search tool like or to locate the new addresses. For errors or omissions, please email Bill Darden at mailto:[email protected] Additional information on batteries can be found at 42 Volt PowerNet & Smart Batteries: Bolder Technologies (US), 303-215-7272 or Exide (US), 800-523-8954, 800-782-7848 or Delphi Automotive (US), 248-813-2000 or Furukawa (Japan), Intra (Denmark), iQ Smart (Germany), Japan Storage Battery (Japan),, 800-472-2879, or Johnson Controls Inc. (US), 414-524-2434 or MIT/Industry Consortium on Adv Auto Electrical/Electronic Comp and Systems (US), Powersmart, Varta (Germany), Yuasa (US), 800-538-2637 or Alternators & Regulators: AC Delco, Adverc, Ample Power, Balmar, Bosch, Charles, Leece-Neville, Motorola, Oakville Starter (and Alternator Rebuilders), Prestolite, Transpo, Associations and Organizations: Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium [ALABC ], Battery and Electrical Specialists Association [BESA], Battery Council International [BCI], 312-644-6610 or Electrochemical Society, EuroBat Organization, Independent Battery Manufacturers Assn. [IBMA], National Renewal Energy Laboratory,

Smart Battery System Forum, United States Advanced Battery Consortium [USABC ], United States Council for Automotive Research [USCAR], Books: Battery Council International, Battery Replacement Data Book, Chicago,, published annually. Battery Council International, Storage Battery Service Manual, Chicago,, 11th edition, 1995. Buchmann, Isidor, Batteries in a Portable World--A Handbook on Rechargeable Batteries for Non-Engineers, ISBN 0-9682118-2-8, Online at Crompton, T.R., Battery Reference Book, 2nd Edition, SAE International, ISBN 0-7506-4625-X, 2000. Gates Energy Products, Rechargeable Batteries Application Handbook, Butterworth-Heinemann, ISBN 0-7506-9228-6. Interstate Batteries, Automotive Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Dallas. Linden, David, Handbook of Batteries 2nd Edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0-0703-7921-1, 1994. Lindsay, T.J., Secrets of Lead-Acid Batteries, Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL. Perez, Richard A., The Complete Battery Book, Tab Books, ISBN 0-8306-0757-9. Business Directories: Alternative-fuel vehicle, Batteries ad-Acid/ Malaysia Battery Industry, _supplies/ Chargers:

AGF Electronics, Associated, AutoCraft, Auto Meter, Business Directory, Cadex, Cell-Con, Charge Tek, Christie Electric, CRB Electronics, CSI [Dual Pro], Deltran [Battery Tender], ESI, Exegon, Guest, Ibex Manufacturing, Innovative Energy Systems [ISE], ion-X, Iota, Japlar/Schauer, JFM Engineering, Kussmaul, La Marche, Matson [Battery Tender], Midtronics, Motorguide, Nauticharger, New Electronics, Newmar, Ogborn, Pacer Engineering Systems, PowerDesigners, Power Products, PowerStream, Pulse Power, PulseTech, Quick Charge, Schumacher, SolarTech. Statpower, Stored Energy Systems, Traction Charger, Todd Engineering Sales, VDC Electronics [Battery MINDer], Xenotronix, Dealers: Battery Mart, Battery Plus,,

Car-Go Battery, Cruising Equipment Company, DC Battery Specialists, or Motorcycle Batteries USA, Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, Pacific Power Batteries, Radio Shack, Service Battery Corp, Smith [RV] Auto Electric, WestCo Battery Systems, Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries, Frequently Asked Questions: Absolute, AC Delco [Delphi], Auto Batteries [JCI], Avo, Battery Directory, Battery Mart, Battery Wholesale, Car Battery FAQ, Continental, Crown, DC Battery Specialists, Deep Cycle, Deep Cycle, Deep Cycle Battery FAQ, Dueitt's Battery Plus, Electrochemistry FAQ, Everstart, Exide, Ibex, Hawker, Interstate, Johnson Controls, Motorcycle Batteries USA, Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, Odyssey, Powerstream, Power-Troll, Protectiontech, Resta's Mobile, sci.chem.electrochem FAQ, sci.chem FAQ,

Sonnenschein, FAQ's.htm Starter FAQ, ThermOil, ASKED QUESTIONS.htm Trojan, U.S. Battery, UzExide, Wheelchair Sales & Service, Yuasa, Yuasa-Exide, Glossaries and Dictionaries: History: Isolators: Argo, Guest, Hellroaring Technologies, Nauticharger, NewMar, Noco Sure Power, Vanner, Libraries: Alex's Battery Library, Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource, Link Lists: Darden, William E., "Battery References and Information Links", Electric Vehicles, Matt's Battery Site, Magazines & Articles: "Auto Batteries", Consumer Reports, October, 1991, "Batteries", Consumer Reports, February, 1987, "Batteries", Consumer Reports, October, 2000, "Battery Digest", "Batteries International", Battery Power Products and Technology, "Best Bet in Auto Batteries", Consumer Reports, October, 1995, "Beyond Batteries", Scientific American, "Electrifying Times", "First Aid for an Auto Battery", Consumer Reports, November, 1995, Hawkins, Tim, "Batteries: Playing Pinball with Atoms", Nuts & Volts Magazine, November, 1995. Mazda Mia ta Battery, "Power Quality", "Solving Chronic [Marine] Battery Problems", "The Battery Man", IBMA, "What To Buy When Your Battery Dies", Consumer Reports, October, 1998, Manuals: Battery Technical Manual, Battery Council International, Chicago, 1998. Hawker Standby Batteries Technical Manual, USABC EV Battery Test Procedures,

Miscellaneous Battery Information: Battery Mat, BCI Specifications, Darden, William E., "Battery Manufacturers and Brand Names", ProConnect Battery Cables, Online Battery Simulators, Other Power, Primers: Alternator Overview, Ample Power, "Battery Training Guide", Exide Corporation, Reading, PA. Darden, William E., "Battery Brand Names", "Primer on Lead-Acid Storage Batteries", Department of Energy, Scheidler, Ralph E., "Introduction to Batteries and Charging Systems", Test & Monitor Equipment: ACT Meters, AutoCap, Auto Meter, Associated Equipment, 800-949-1472, Avo, Bosch, Cadex, E-Tronics, E-Z Red, Freas Battery Hydrometer, Infratek, Kal Equipment Battery Tester, Midtronics Battery Testers, Tutorials: Batteries, Battery & Fuel Cells, Battery and Starter Repair, Battery Tutorial, Charging System, Electrochemisty Refresher, How Stuff Works, Lead-Acid Batteries, Lead-Acid Batteries for Home Power Storage,

magazine/archives/9/09pg27.txt Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing, Lead Acid Battery VRLA Types, Understanding Alternators--An Overview, USEnet Newsgoups:***** misc.consumers.* misc.handicap**** rec.outdoors.* rec.outdoors.rv-travel** sci.chem.electrochem sci.chem.electrochem.battery sci.electronics.* uk.d-i-y uk.rec.** For errors and omissions, please email Bill Darden at mailto:[email protected] Additional information on batteries can be found at [NOTE TO WEBMASTERS: I recommend that you link to for this document rather than republishing it. This is because this information will be revised periodically to keep up with the advancements in batteries and the changing resources. Revisions will be indicated with a newer date. This document is in the public domain and can be freely reproduced or distributed without permission.]



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