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Features & Benefits

Field Proven · Low cost, entry level manual phased array · Portable, reliable, and durable · Battery power for a full-shift · Supports upgrade to automated PA Ease of Use · Automatic probe recognition · Live switch between conventional UT and phased array · Intuitive data interpretation · Software control of beam angle, focal distance, and spot size · Multiple-angle inspection · Step-by-step calibration wizard · Focal law calculator wizard · Simple report setup with preview · On-screen interactive help · Minimum training required Optimized Imaging · Supports up to 64-element probes · Beam forming using 16 elements · Real-time volume corrected S-scans · Large color display Improved Detection and Sizing · Increased probability of detection and better defect sizing · Code compliance (PA and UT) · Defect sizing tools · S-scan and image recording

Appendix VIII qualified, in the framework of generic PDI procedure for manual phased array UT on weld overlays.

OmniScan® PA Manual

Entry-Level Phased Array Solution

The new, entry-level OmniScan brings the advantages of phased array imaging into manual testing, while keeping all the benefits of a proven product. By choosing the manual OmniScan, your phased-array equipment options remain open for the future. As your inspection needs grow, you can upgrade your instrument to any other module in the OmniScan series, allowing you to gain data archiving, encoding, and automated inspection. For the twelve months following your purchase, Zetec will offer 100% credit on an upgrade to any other OmniScan PA module. For more information please contact Zetec Customer Service or visit our website at

OmniScan® PA Manual

Entry-Level Phased Array Solution

General Specifications

Overall Dimensions Weight 12.6 in. x 8.2 in. x 5 in (321 mm x 209 mm x 125 mm) 10.1 lb (4.6 kg) (including one module and one battery)

Phased Array Module Specifications

(16:16M and 16:64M modules)


Overall dimensions Weight


9.6 in. × 7.1 in. × 2.1 in. (244 mm × 182 mm × 57 mm) 2.6 lb (1.2 kg) 1 OmniScan connector 256 Automatic probe recognition and setup 2 BNC connectors (1 pulser/receiver, 1 receiver) N/A N/A

Data Storage

Storage Devices File Type Storage I/O Lines Power Output Line Alarms Place Input 5 V. 500 mA power output line (short circuit protected) 3TTL, 5 V, 10 mA 5 V TTL pace input CompactFlash card, most standard USB storage device Report, setup, screen capture, defect table, S-scan

Connectors Number of focal laws Probe recognition


Aperture (active elements) Number of Elements Up to 16 elements 16 - 64 elements 1 1 pulser/receiver, 1 receiver


Display Size Resolution Number of Colors 8.4 in. (diagonal) 800 x 600 pixels 16 million


Voltage Pulse Width Fall Time 40 V or 80 V per element 50 V, 100 V and 200 V

Adjustable from 30 ns to 500 ns, resolution of 2.5 ns Less than 10 ns Negative square wave Less than 25 Less than 10

Power Supply

Battery Supply Number of Batteries Battery Life DC-in voltage Smart Li-ion battery 1 or 2 (battery chamber accommodates two hotswappable batteries) Minimum of 6 hours with two batteries; minimum of 3 hours per battery in normal operation conditions 15 V to 18 V (min. 50 W)

Pulse Shape Output Impedance


Gain Input Impedance System Bandwidth 0­74 dB, maximum input signal 1.32 V p-p 75 0.75 MHz to 18 MHz (­3 dB) 0­74 dB, maximum input signal 10 V p-p 50 0.5 MHz to 20 MHz (­3 dB)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Relative Humidity 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C) -4 °F to 158 °F (-20 °C to 70 °C) 0% to 95% noncondensing. No air intake

Beam Forming

Scan Type Delay Range Transmission/Reception Azimuthal and linear 0­10 µs in 2.5-ns increments N/A N/A

Data Processing

Rectifier Filtering RF, full wave, halfwave +, halfwave Low-pass (adjusted to probe frequency), digital filtering (bandwidth, frequency range)

Data Visualization

A-scan Refresh Rate Volume-corrected S-scan Real-time: 60 Hz Upto 40 Hz N/A

Data Synchronization

PRF 1 HZ to 10kHz

Programmable Time Corrected Gain (TCG)

Number of Points 16 (1 TCG curver per channel for focal laws)

Ordering Information

OmniScan PA System with 16/16 Module for manual inspection (no encoder capability) OmniScan PA System Kit 1, with 16/16 Module for manual inspection (no encoder capability), with 5L16-A1 PA probe and wedge SA1-60NS OmniScan PA System Kit 2, with 16/16 Module for manual inspection (no encoder capability), with 10L16-A1 PA probe and wedge SA1-60NS5x5 OmniScan PA System with 16/64 Module for manual inspection (no encoder capability) OmniScan PA System Kit 3, with 16/64 Module for manual inspection (no encoder capability), with 5L64-A2 PA probe and wedge SA2-N55S OmniScan PA System with 16/64PR Module for manual inspection (no encoder capability), for driving dual array probes (Appendix VIII qualification)

Toll Free 800-643-1771 Phone 425-974-2700 Fax 425-974-2701

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