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ZigBee: Giving People More Control of Their World in 2009

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Control Your World with ZigBee

The companies participating in this edition of the ZigBee Resource Guide are providing a variety of products and services designed to help people and businesses gain more control of their surroundings, their energy use and even their lives. These companies are members in the more than 300 member (and growing) ZigBee Alliance. They come from almost every continent and range from entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations with household names. Regardless of size, they share a vision for ZigBee and work together everyday to provide a variety of ingredients needed to create ZigBee products and reinforce an already enviable supply chain that ensures quality, security, compatibility, choice and competition.

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Open Standards Create Opportunities

ZigBee Alliance members create public application profiles that provide a standard way of providing new wireless sensing and control solutions. They also allow customers to purchase ZigBee Certified Products manufactured by different companies with confidence because these products will work together seamlessly out of the box. The Alliance is developing a suite of public application profiles to serve the broad needs of several key markets. For example, ZigBee Smart Energy is a public application profile that is rapidly becoming the choice for residential energy management and efficiency programs because it is effective and because it is an open global standard. As a result, it continues gathering support from governments, regulators, utilities and energy service providers worldwide. At the beginning of January, 2009, more than 25.3 million ZigBee equipped electric meters are scheduled to be installed for homes across North America in the coming years. Each home could be equipped with a number of devices for consumers that help them achieve greater energy efficiency while saving money. This rapidly growing market opens opportunities for everyone. This year, the Alliance expects to complete the development of public application profiles for telecommunications services, commercial building automation and personal health care. They will join ZigBee Smart Energy and ZigBee Home Automation as profiles ready for your product development. Companies interested in these profiles, or interested in developing new profiles for new markets, are encouraged to join the Alliance today. ZigBee Alliance membership offers valuable information on how you can use ZigBee to differentiate your product portfolio. Please visit for the latest list of available public application profiles, certified products and to join the Alliance.

Control Your World

ZigBee is the global wireless language connecting dramatically different devices that are designed to improve everyday life. As you will see by the products included in the ZigBee Resource Guide, the number of products built with ZigBee increases every year. If your company needs low-cost, low power wireless products that are secure, self-healing and self-organizing networks, based on a global open standard, then ZigBee is your technology.

Bob Heile, Chairman, ZigBee Alliance

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Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide


Go Wireless with Atmel IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee Solution

Atmel's MCU Wireless product group offers a well balanced blend of microcontrollers, transceivers and firmware for wireless applications. With certified IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee® and 6LoWPAN standards-based technologies the design will address the unique needs of low-cost, low-power, low data rate wireless control and sensor network applications. Atmel's high performance RF transceivers offer industry best range and robustness. Adding cutting edge technology and performance from their low power microcontrollers, Atmel provides a versatile platform for a wide range of wireless applications. Atmel's AT86RF230/AT86RF231 are low-power, highsensitivity 2.4 GHz transceivers. The -101 dBm receiver sensitivity and 3 dBm transmit power give it the highest link budget of any 802.15.4 radio on the market today. The AT86RF230 has line-of-site range up to 2.8 times that of competing radios, reducing the total number of nodes required in the network and cutting 802.15.4 system cost by as much as 60 percent. The AT86RF212 700/800/900 MHz IEEE 802.15.4 RF is a transceiver for low power wireless applications, including ZigBee®. The AT86RF212 offers an industry best RF performance with a link budget of up to120 dB in the 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 900 MHz ISM bands available in China, Europe and North America, respectively. The link budget is the result of the -110 dBm sensitivity offered by the device and the maximum output power of +10 dBm. The extremely high link budget combined with the reduced path loss in the 700/800/900 MHz enables long range wireless communication without the use of costly external LNA or PA. Atmel MCU Wireless Solution offers flexibility through the AVR family of 8-bit RISC microcontrollers, AVR32 32-bit microcontrollers, and the Smart ARM (SAM) devices. AVR MCUs have flash memory densities ranging from 1 KB to 512 KB, enabling you to choose from a large number of devices to find the one suited for your design. With its fast core and feature rich peripherals, MCU Wireless will be able to offer both wireless communication and handle main applications.


A suite of free and certified software is available from Atmel, ranging from low level drivers (Transceiver Access Toolbox) to IEEE 802.15.4 MAC, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee stacks. Choosing Atmel and partners gives you a head start with ready to use wireless solutions and the shortest time to market ATAVRRZRAVEN Debugging and Demonstration Kit The RZ Raven kit enables development, debugging and demonstration on 802.15.4/ZigBee networks. Raven is using Atmel's 2.4 GHz high performance radio and AVR picoPower and USB microcontrollers. The software package enables network control, network debugging and over-the-air programming. The ATAVRRZRAVEN kit comes with two Ravens and one USB stick. AVR Development Platform AVR Studio is a free front-end for all Atmel AVR tools, including free simulator and assembler. JTAGICE mkII support On-Chip Debug on all devices. STK600 starter kit with top modules supports all AVRs. Broad C-compiler offering from third party vendors: from free GCC compilers to high end IAR Systems.

Atmel Corp., founded in 1984, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits.

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ZigBit Wireless Modules

Atmel MCU Wireless Solution offers reduced design-in time through a set compact of pre-tested ZigBit wirelss modules. ZigBit modules are designed for use in the regional 700/800/900 MHz ISM Bands and 2.4 GHz band available world wide. The modules holds FCC/CE/ARIB cerfications.

4 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

Telit Completes Its Wireless Offer with Short-Range Products

The M2M arena is changing rapidly, according to a M2M market that is finally entering into its maturation phase. Also, available technologies have changed dramatically. Perhaps the biggest advancement has been made within wireless technologies. ZigBee, NFC, WiBree and Dect/Cat iq have significantly changed the way communication happens. That's why new and sometimes complex M2M applications may now require multiple different wireless technologies competences. When the machine to be wirelessly connected requires extreme low power consumption in order to be active in the field for several years, fed only by low cost/capacity batteries, a cellular based technology module is not a viable solution for intrinsic technical and economical reasons. Also, the "ecological turn" that has taken place during the last few years, requires new and energy-efficient solutions. All M2M applications that present these requirements can be successfully connected using short range RF (radio frequency) low power high efficiency devices. The ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) license free frequency bands (433, 868, 915 and 2400 MHz) are the most suitable for these applications. Here is where the IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee and proprietary, point-to-point, star and mesh network based applications can provide a real cost-effective solution to the M2M connectivity requirements. For instance, it is the case of the upcoming country GAS AMM projects to be wirelessly connected ­ in Italy for 16 million meters and in UK (both Gas and Electricity) for a total of 47 million meters. These projects require high competence in both cellular and short range radio since the remote management of a Gas meter requires a wireless low power data connection only fed by batteries. It is obvious that projects like these will sooner or later also be launched in other European countries. According to the most recent available market research on wireless technologies, the shipment of 802.15.4 and proprietary chipsets on a worldwide basis should increase within the next five years with a CGAR of about 130 percent, starting from the seven million units delivered during the year 2007 to a figure that has been estimated at 292 millions in 2012. This is a quite impressive growth rate, by far much more rapid with respect to the one experienced for the cellular M2M modules that all of us are quite familiar with.

As a global leader in providing M2M wireless solutions, Telit Communications PLC understood the market requirement and this huge opportunity at an early stage. Following its long term expansion strategy, Telit dedicated 12 months to analyzing all the relevant companies active in these technologies. Based on this analysis, Telit successfully completed the acquisition of One RF Technologies SaS on October 30, 2008. One RF Technologies was a small but a very highly skilled wireless technology company based in the high-tech area of Sophia Antipolis, Cote d'Azur (France). In the meantime, we are working on an accurately-fitting integration of the company into the Telit structure. Thanks to this acquisition, Telit Communications PLC gained long-term experience in the field of short range technologies, full ownership of valuable Intellectual Property Rights on Point-to-point/Star Network, Low Power Mesh and fully certified ZigBee protocol stacks. Furthermore, Telit can now offer an incomparable product portfolio, integrated now with three new short range product lines (13 short- to midrange modules, 12 terminals plus all dedicated evaluation kits and accessories). Telit's partners can now design dedicated wireless area networks even connected with a cellular concentrator for remote management. And as usual, Telit is putting all its attention to the full Total Cost of Ownership reduction by design, providing unattended return on investment as a competitive advantage. The full integration of Telit RF Technologies SaS within the Telit global organization is already in progress and will be completed within the first quarter of 2009.

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6 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

Market Data The Smart Energy Home By Mareca Halter, Director of Research, ON World

· Others: 3.1 million Europe: · Scandinavia : ~12 million · Spain: 20 million · France: 33 million · UK: 26 million Asia Pacific: · Victoria State, Australia: 2.5 million · Singapore: 1.2 million

Massive rollouts of smart metering systems are underway worldwide, driven by government legislation and billions of dollars in funding for "smart grid" technologies. Energy delivery companies in the US, Canada, EU and Australia are planning to install tens of millions of smart meters over the next five to seven years. While smart meters are the focus today, billions of dollars are pouring into new technologies to connect in-home electrical devices such as programmable thermostats, energy displays, smart plugs, PCs, and renewable energy sources to the electrical grid. These smart grid connected devices, that make up the Home Area Network or "HAN," empower consumers with real-time control of their energy use as well as helping utilities build the "smart grid." As awareness increases about the benefits of a connected electrical grid, governments are starting to mandate that smart meters include a HAN interface and the energy industry is pushing for global standards. In fact, utilities, vendors and research institutes are working together on an emerging standard to ensure robust, plug and play interoperability for the HAN. The ZigBee Smart Energy Profile is a key component of this effort. In five years, ON World projects that there will be 126 million smart meter households worldwide. This represents an enormous market for energy management, demand response and wireless sensor network technologies such as 802.15.4 and ZigBee.

The Home Area Network

HAN enabled households promise to magnify the benefits of smart meter infrastructures through dynamic pricing, advanced load control and the potential to contribute to renewable power generation. While direct load control and time of use plans have been available for more than a decade, these are only used by a fraction of all households today and, according to FERC, only about 8 percent of utilities currently offer some type of demand response program. Why such low adoption rates? Because the net benefits have been too low for both consumers and utilities due to high upfront costs, proprietary systems and the lack of precise, realtime energy information. Wireless sensor network technologies are making in-home energy systems more capable and affordable while the in-progress standards promise to make HAN systems ubiquitous over the next decade. Through the use of a HAN, consumers get real-time information about their energy consumption and the current cost of energy in order to shift their usage off the peak usage times when energy is most expensive and the electrical grid is most strained. The benefits are even higher for households using energy-smart thermostats and appliances that can automatically

The Traditional Home Compared with a "Smart-Energy" Home

* Households capable of 2-way electric smart metering

Traditional Home

Metering Technology Measures and records total consumption usage. Typcially not automated (or communicates one-way for meter reading only). Total consumption over one month or even longer. Consumers can sign up for direct load control, however they have little control and all participants are paid the same regardless of how much of their load is reduced. Minimal impact; energy is used as needed regardless of the load levels of the energy grid. Utilities must fix power outages and delivery quality situations after the problem has already occurred. Very little communication with customers results in missed opportunities for energy conservation, peak energy savings and distributed power generation.

Smart-Energy Home

Measure, record and communicate consumption in real-time intervals (at-least hourly). Automated and allows for two-way communications between the utility and customer. In addition to time of use options, dynamic pricing is possible such as critical peak pricing and real-time pricing. Consumers can choose when to reduce their energy use based on current energy pricing, which results in the most effective reduced energy use during peak times. Consumers are provided with more realtime information about their energy use so they can adjust their behavior in ways that will likely result in increased conservation. With much more information from their networks & customers, utilities improve their energy delivery services as well as provide advanced programs to their customers to help them conserve, save money and shift the load off-peak times. Smart energy homes will have plugs for electric cars as well as connect their solar panels and wind generation turbines to the grid.

Some of the largest smart meter rollouts over the next five to 10 years include the following: North America: California: · SCE: 5.3 million · PG&E: 5.1 million · SDG&E: 1.4 million Texas: · Oncor: 3.4 million · Centerpoint: 2.2 million Florida: · Florida Power & Light: 4.5 million Michigan: · Detroit Edison: 2.6 million Arkansas (and 10 other states): · American Electric Power: 5 million Ontario, Canada: · Hydo One: 1.2 million


Pricing Models

Load Control



8 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

Market Data

respond during critical peak pricing and grid reliability events. Over the past two years, there have been dozens of pilot studies that have documented the benefits from using HAN enabled devices with smart metering. The initial major benefit is that smart metering supports the most effective demand response programs such as dynamic pricing for electricity such as Critical Peak Pricing and Real-time Pricing. Studies have found that dynamic pricing options can result in as much as 50 percent load reduction during critical peak periods. In addition, consumers can save up to twice as much on their energy bills using dynamic pricing compared with traditional "time of use" plans. Southern California Edison has calculated that consumers reducing their energy use during the peak energy alerts will reduce the overall peak power consumption by as much as 1,000 megawatts which is the entire output of a major power plant. While much of the impetus for developing smart grid and HAN technologies originated in the US (especially California and Texas), this is quickly spreading worldwide. Recently, the Ministerial Council on Energy in Australia concluded that the home area network interface must be included as a minimum requirement in smart meter implementations. In the United Kingdom, the current smart meter supplier specification includes a requirement for "resilient communications to and from local devices." Also, Canada's Hydro One is participating in the most recently formed alliance for HAN standardization.

From a technology standpoint, 802.15.4 and ZigBee have strengths that make these particularly suited to wireless HANs. First, they offer low costs through small sizes and potentially high volumes by many chipset suppliers. Second, our in-house software simulations have shown that, compared with other radios/protocols, 802.15.4 and ZigBee offer ultra low power consumption during sleep mode which is an essential consideration for battery powered end devices. Our tests show that 802.15.4/ZigBee devices can have as much as a 17 year power lifetime with one transmission per hour.

ZigBee's Role

Open standards are essential for achieving the vision of millions of smart energy households connected to the electrical grid. In addition to providing consumers with the most choices for their in-home energy systems, standards also ensure the lowest total overall costs, for both the utility infrastructure and consumers. Illustrating this trend is that smart meters are increasingly being manufactured with two radios on board, one for the advanced metering network between the meter and concentrator and one for communications between the meter and the home. Driven by need, utilities and vendors are working together in an unprecedented fashion to complete standards for developing the smart grid. Over the past two years, there have been several HAN related standards achievements from the UtilityAMI forum and subsequent OpenHAN specification that provides technology independent requirements between the HAN and utility network. While other technologies are also targeted at the HAN, ZigBee has garnered the most support from the energy sector starting with mandates from major utilities such as Southern California Edison. Today, the ZigBee Alliance's promoting members include Landis+Gyr, Itron and Reliant, and its 300 members consist of many of the world's leading metering vendors, utilities and automation manufacturers. With all of this momentum and urgency, the ZigBee Smart Energy profile was completed in record time and today there are 20 certified ZigBee Smart Energy products, just eight months after the profile was ratified. Other indicators of ZigBee's dominance for the HAN are that many of the participants in the OpenHAN task force are also ZigBee Alliance members. In fact, utility ZigBee Alliance members have 59 million customer accounts, approximately two-thirds as many as the OpenHAN participants.

* Device contains 1 temperature sensor, powered by 2 AA batteries

The Smart Energy Profile

While ZigBee is the most popular networking protocol for the HAN, the reality is that the Smart Energy home will consist of several types of devices and networking technologies. To prevent ongoing market fragmentation, the ZigBee Alliance, HomePlug Powerline Alliance, EPRI and leading utilities are collaborating on a universal standard and certification process in order to ensure plug and play interoperability among HAN devices, regardless of the underlying physical or transport layers. This effort is being led by the UtilityAMI's ZigBee+HomePlug Steering Committee which consists of leading North American utilities such as American Electric Power, CenterPoint, Consumers Energy, Duke Energy, DTE Energy, Florida Power & Light, Hydro One, Oncor, Reliant, SCE, PG&E, SDG&E and Xcel Energy. The significance of this open standards effort is that consumers will be able to purchase thermostats, in-home displays, and smart appliances from any retail channel and register these with their energy delivery company in order to

Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide


Market Data

participate in advanced demand response and energy conservation programs. The future Smart Energy Home will consist of heterogeneous devices that are capable of uniquely responding and interacting with the energy grid. Eventually, Smart Energy homes will be able to feed renewable power sources such as solar and wind back into the grid, which some experts believe is the only way we can meet the ever increasing energy demand. Smart Energy 2.0 is slated to be released in November 2009 with commercial availability targeted for May 2010. Greenbox, Onzo and Tendril Networks. By adopting Smart Energy certified devices-- or those that are capable of being upgraded to the open standards-- utilities and vendors are providing a seamless evolution for households to eventually become connected to the smart grid. Despite the current economic challenges, billions of dollars are being invested in energy related technologies and the smart grid, making the energy sector the best bet for emerging technologies such as wireless sensor networking, 802.15.4 and ZigBee. With open standards underway and business models rapidly evolving, the Smart Energy home presents a huge market for suppliers, manufactures, software developers, and investors. About the Author: Mareca Hatler is the director of Research for ON World, a market research firm that provides platform based research on emerging wireless technologies. Founded in 1996, ON World's business intelligence and information services are sold to Fortune 1000 companies, service providers, venture capitalists, startups and consultancies worldwide. More information is available at Planned electricity smart meters for residential and commercial users. 2 Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. 3 "Assessment of Demand Response and Advanced Metering," December 2008. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), USA.


Energy Solutions for Today

As the smart metering infrastructures are rolled out, utilities and their customers are looking for energy management solutions that can be deployed today. The ubiquity of broadband and advances with wireless sensor networking has enabled innovative energy systems that leverage existing utility infrastructures and/or public broadband networks. Driven by smart grid legislation and increasing smart metering initiatives, energy focused wireless sensor network products and services have exploded over the past two years. Today, there are more than 200 companies with energy management and demand response solutions with many of these available for less than a few hundred dollars. Examples include TXU Energy's ZigBee enabled demand response program over broadband using Comverge's programmable thermostats that communicate through ZigBee/Ethernet gateways by Digi International. Other companies with affordable HAN systems that can be used without a smart meter include 4Home, Blue Line Innovations, Control4, Energate,

Awarepoint is the leading healthcare market source of ubiquitous sensor network solutions which facilitate enterprise-wide visibility and enhanced management of crucial resources. Collecting and transforming raw sensor data into high-value positioning information, Awarepoint's Real-time Awareness Solutions® (RTAS) add asset management, environmental sensing ability and workflow optimization to a variety of healthcare applications, providing hospital leaders with exceptional business intelligence. Requiring no hard wiring, Awarepoint's plug and track network include its real-time awareness platform, firmware, RFID tags, sensors, and bridges. Through a low risk, fully managed service business model, Awarepoint's RTAS is extremely cost effective, non-disruptive, low maintenance, and easy to use. Track us down at

Awarepoint, Real-time Awareness Solutions® 225 Broadway Avenue, Ste 1670 San Diego, CA 92101 888-TAG-IT-NOW (888-824-4866) [email protected]

SeaSolve Software Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of ZigBee real-time test and measurement solutions for testing the performance of devices based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard. SeaSolve`s ZigBee Test Solutions include: 1. ZigBee Automated Manufacturing Test Solution - For high throughput production test 2. ZigBee Automated Compliance Test Solution -Firmware integrated ZigBee pre-certification test 3. ZigBee Toolkits - Individual reconfigurable APIs for integration into test platforms 4. ZigBee Signal Analyzer & Generator - Design validation solutions to evaluate the performance of ZigBee transceivers SeaSolve provides customizable manufacturing test automation support for major ZigBee Chipsets & applications such as ZigBee Smart Energy (AMR) and ZigBee Home Automation. For more information visit: SeaSolve Software Inc. 1798 Technology Drive Suite 139 San Jose, CA 95110 Toll Free: 1-866-945-2682 408-437-9306 or 408-437-2406 [email protected] [email protected]

10 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

Save Time and Money with ZigBee Modules

Making the decision to use ZigBee is often an easy one, but understanding where to start can be a challenge. In most cases, developers are faced with the option of using a ZigBee Compliant Platform chip solution or a ZigBee module solution. Understanding the advantages and compromises of each is critical to successfully deploying ZigBee technology.

Chip Solutions vs. Modules

Developers selecting chip solutions are primarily interested in three things: the lowest possible unit cost; the smallest possible form factor; and having complete control of the design. Chip solutions fulfill these requirements, but some drawbacks should be evaluated before selecting a solution. The sophisticated nature of ZigBee chip solutions requires equally sophisticated engineering expertise in RF design, ZigBee networking, and an understanding of chip level programming. Furthermore, chip level solutions require regulatory testing and certification and specialized test and calibration equipment for manufacturing. It should also be noted that when used in small quantities, chip solutions may not meet per-unit cost requirements. Wireless modules are proven technology "building blocks" that can be assembled into an application quickly and without RF expertise, greatly reducing development time and overall project risks. Developers considering modules are often interested in three things: reducing time-to-market; reducing development and certification costs; and avoiding the regulatory and operational requirements of chip solutions. Often, module solutions work "out of the box" without complex chip level development. By using a complete module solution, developers can access and configure their ZigBee application through software architecture such as simple AT Commands or an API. In addition, most modules ship with regulatory certifications, manufacturing testing and calibration complete. Ultimately, module developers can be more agile with their ZigBee development--reducing both time to market, and the up-front development expense associated with chip level development. Developers can also leverage complimentary products built with the module in mind. Of course, while modules are convenient and easy to use, developers usually pay for this convenience in the per-unit costs of the modules. They must also accept that their module may not access all of the features of the chips they use.

ZigBee Modules and Drop-in Networking

By making it so easy to add ZigBee technology to nearly any kind of device by using a ZigBee module, it has never

been easier to connect different types of devices to a single network. Digi International's Drop-in Networking product family includes ZigBee modules, stand-alone adapters, extenders and bridges, plus wireless gateways that offer the unique benefit of aggregating and transporting data from the ZigBee network to an IP network via cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Drop-in Networking is playing a key role in green technologies, providing critical data communication between machines in everything from medical devices, to home and building automation, to adding intelligence to the utility grid. A fitness equipment manufacturer in North America integrates Digi's XBee module into its exercise machines to provide embedded wireless connectivity. As part of a remote service program, the manufacturer installs ConnectPort X wireless gateways inside each participating fitness club that allow each exercise machine to wirelessly communicate with an IP network. Through the gateway, the equipment supplier is able to monitor machine health on a daily basis, without making on-site visits. This is just one example of how ZigBee modules are addressing the rapidly changing needs of today's sophisticated device networking applications. Please contact Digi for more information on how to begin your ZigBee development immediately.

For more information visit

Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide


How to Power a Remote ZigBee Wireless Device for 20+ Years

High energy lithium thionyl chloride batteries provide longSpirally wound Li/SOCL2 cells feature an energy density term, maintenance-free power management solutions. of 800 Wh/I, a temperature range of -55°C to 85°C and a As a low cost, open source communications platform for maximum service life of about 10 years. By contrast, Bobbinshort range radio frequency (RF) transmission, ZigBee protocols type Li/SOCL cells can provide up to 20+ years of service 2 are gaining traction in fast-growing market segments such as life, high energy density (1420 Wh/I), high capacity and the wireless mesh networks and automatic ability to withstand extreme temperatures meter reading (AMR). (-55°C to 150°C). Powering a ZigBee wireless sensor is For high current pulse applications, most challenging in hard-to-access locations Tadiran developed PulsesPlus batteries that where hardwired AC power is either combine a standard bobbin-type Li/SOCL2 impossible or not cost effective. For applicell with a high rate, low impedance hybrid cations that require self-contained power layer capacitor (HLC) that stores and management solutions, the predominant releases energy. While standard bobbin-type choice is lithium batteries. Li/SOCL2 cells operate at a very stable In certain instances, energy harvesting voltage with no drop in voltage to allow for can be used to extract power from heat, an indication of battery state of charge, vibration or the sun. However, use of PulsesPlus batteries offer the potential for energy harvesting is severely limited due to end-of-life indication, including a 3.6 V size, expense and the need for back-up system with a 5 percent end-of-life batteries or capacitors that do not operate reliably in extreme temperatures. indication; and a 3.9 V system with a 10 PulsesPlus Batteries from Tadiran Lithium is the preferred choice for percent end-of-life indication, allowing for powering remote sensors due to its programmed battery replacement. intrinsic negative potential, which exceeds that of all other To further conserve energy, and thus extend battery life, metals. The lightest non-gaseous metal, lithium offers the wireless sensors can often be designed to operate in multiple highest specific energy (energy per unit weight) and energy modes including a sleep or standby mode, where power density (energy per unit volume) of all available battery consumption is nil or a low background current; a measurement chemistries. Lithium cells have normal OCVs of between 2.7 or interrogation mode, where the unit requires a few hundred and 3.6 V. These batteries also use a nonmilliamps of energy; and a transmission aqueous electrolyte, and absence of water mode that requires high current pulses for allows certain batteries to operate in tema period of seconds up to 20 minutes peratures ranging from -55°C to 150°C. before returning to sleep or standby status. Starting in the 1980's, the first Once the ideal battery chemistry has widescale use of wireless sensor networks been identified, the next step is to conduct were for utility automatic meter reading due diligence to carefully evaluate battery (AMR). In 1984, Hexagram (now Aclara), suppliers. With the knock-off products began powering its AMR devices with now flooding the marketplace, design high energy lithium thionyl chloride engineers must be increasingly vigilant to batteries. A quarter century later, almost all verify manufacturer claims, as all batteries of these devices continue to operate Water Meter Sensor Powered by trouble-free on their original batteries. Due are not created equal. Start by demanding Tadiran Batteries to ongoing improvements in battery design 100 percent product traceability back to coupled with low-power ZigBee protocols, the raw materials, customer references and today's sensors can easily achieve 20+ years of service life, fully documented test results for parameters such as battery depending on the battery quality, yearly watt/hour requirements, pulse, low-temperature pulses, discharge and repeatability. and environmental factors that affect self-discharge. Careful due diligence during the vendor selection process will Specifying the optimal lithium battery requires careful due help ensure that a ZigBee remote wireless sensor delivers up to diligence, as numerous lithium battery chemistries are available. 20+ years of maintenance-free performance. Design engineers need to review options based on performance attributes such as voltage, capacity, size and weight, expected service life, temperature and environmental sensitivity, cost and For more information, contact Jim Gadomski at the ability to handle high current pulses or high discharge (516) 621-4980, email [email protected] or visit requirements, when applicable. Lithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCL2) chemistry is the preferred choice for applications demanding extremely long battery life, extended temperature range and minimized size and weight. Li/SOCL2 batteries come in two styles: bobbin or spirally wound construction.

12 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

2008 was a good year for ZigBee module manufacturer Telegesis. Several key milestones and design wins were achieved by the UK based company. Telegesis was the first company to achieve certification on the ZigBee PRO feature set in February, and the move to high volume production and general availability of ZigBee PRO modules was completed by mid year. In September, a revised ZigBee USB stick was released offering designers a 40 percent slimmer module, making it ideal for applications where physical size is important or where the ETRX2USB must reside close to other USB peripherals. In December, the company updated both its logo and web site, offering customers an improved online ZigBee resource. Telegesis goes into 2009 in a confident mood. Several new ZigBee module products based around next generation Ember silicon will be launched and the company will be building on its in-depth skill, supporting customers using the ZigBee smart energy profile with new hardware and software products. For more information visit

14 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

ZigBee Connectivity in Five Easy Steps

There are many myths about low-power wireless communication development, but you can go wireless quickly and painlessly by following five simple steps:

STEP 1: Select the Best Wireless Microcontroller STEP 4: Simplify Coding

Jennic's family of wireless microcontrollers are powerful 32-bit processors with ample memory, allowing a single-chip implementation where the same wireless microcontroller runs the application and the communications stack to minimize cost. Architected specifically for low-power wireless applications, the Jennic devices balance this demand for performance with minimal power consumption, driven by Jennic's class-leading low sleep current.

STEP 2: Development Kit Out-of-theBox Experience

Don't make it difficult for yourself Jennic's development environment includes an easy-to-use toolchain that abstracts the microcontroller hardware to C-level calls. Example code bundled with the development kit will help you build your application. Jennic's opensource toolchain allows the whole software team to use the tools without additional licensing costs.

STEP 5: Use Modules for Fast Prototyping and Low-Volume Production

Make sure the development process starts well Jennic ships development kits with an out-of-the-box demo, allowing you to quickly evaluate RF technology. Also included are a complete development toolchain and example code that you can use as a cookbook to build your software quickly and efficiently.

STEP 3: Choose the Right Protocol

Whatever your application, Jennic offers a stack that is optimized for your needs. For interoperability and large network support ZigBee and ZigBee PRO are ideal. Jennic also have available a selection of stacks for ease of software development and IP connectivity.

Perhaps the biggest challenge when moving to wireless communications is the design, development and manufacture of the RF circuitry. There is a simple solution ­ don't do it For low-volume applications, or early production, Jennic's off-theshelf modules remove risk, simplify approvals and reduce cost.

For more information visit

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California Eastern Laboratories develops ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4 Radio Modules and transceiver ICs. CEL modules provide a fully integrated, easy-to-use solution for ZigBee and 802.15.4 networks. Ideal for remote sensing, AMR/AMI, home and building automation, and security applications, they feature low power consumption, long range, and integrated antennas. FCC, CE and IC certified, CEL modules are the result of years of product development experience. They combine industry-leading transceiver ICs with high performance NEC Power Amplifiers, RFIC switches and other high-end components. CEL has sales offices throughout the country, plus a network of independent representatives and distributors throughout the world.

For more information visit

RadioPulse is a fabless semiconductor company leading the wireless personal area network technology by providing ZigBee- based total solution for a broad range of applications. The MG24XX growing product family integrates RF transceiver, microcontroller, flash and SRAM memory, peripherals, ADC and specific application logics. The company provides its customers with a world-class performance and a time-to-market solution to develop more competitive applications. The company also continues to line up the very fast and low-power sub-1 GHz RF transceiver and the most advanced 2.4 GHz RF transceiver for the future market. RadioPulse works for customer's success through high performance, low cost, multi-layer certification and onestop solution. For more information visit RadioPulse Inc. [email protected] +82-2-478-2963~5 3rd Fl. Hans-2 B/D 111-6, Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide


ZigBee Alliance Members


Ember Freescale Semiconductor Honeywell Huawei Technologies Itron, Inc. Landis+Gyr Philips Electronics Reliant Energy Samsung Electronics Co. Schneider Electric Siemens AG STMicroelectronics Tendril Texas Instruments AlertMe Alpha Systems American Electric Power AMX Arch Rock ASSA ABLOY Group Atalum Atmel Corp. Baltimore Gas & Electric BC Hydro Black & Decker Blueline Innovations CEL Cambridge Consultants Cannon Technologies CASON Engineering CCL/ITRI CenterPoint Energy, Inc. Certicom Computime Comverge Consumers Energy Control4 Convergence Wireless Crane Wireless

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Aclara Ad-Sol Nissin Corp. AIJI System Airbee Wireless Alektrona

Freescale products and solutions help make the world a greener, safer and better connected place. Its broad portfolio of IEEE 802.15.4TM wireless personal area network (WPAN) technology, including RF ICs, microcontrollers, sensor ICs, software and development tools enabled with ZigBee® technology, provides customers with a comprehensive ZigBee platform to help ease development time and speed time to market. Freescale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets. The privately held company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development, manufacturing or sales operations around the world.

Three Paths to ZigBee® from Texas Instruments Texas Instruments offers three ZigBeecompliant platforms for all its IEEE 802.15.4 radios providing designers with a solution where only the application needs to be added. These compliant platforms will shorten time to market and simplify system design and ZigBee end-product certification. All three solutions are built upon the CC2420/CC2520 radio and offer excellent co-existence. Z-StackTM - TI's industry leading ZigBee protocol stack Z-Stack from TI has been awarded the ZigBee Alliance golden unit status by the ZigBee test house TUV Rheinland and is used by thousands of ZigBee developers worldwide. Z-Stack supports ZigBee-2007, including both the ZigBee and ZigBee PRO feature sets and Smart Energy, and supports multiple platforms, such as the CC2530 System-on-Chip, CC2431 Systemon-Chip with location engine and CC2520 + MSP430 platform. TI's newest version of Z-Stack introduces a new application feature called SimpleAPI . SimpleAPI has only 10 API calls to learn, which drastically simplifies the development of ZigBee applications. Z-Stack features include: · SimpleAPI · Z-Stack protocol stack extensions · Z-ToolTM (debug tool) By choosing Texas Instruments as your ZigBee provider we promise you ultimate flexibility and ease of use; simple, reliable, low-cost and low-power standards-based wireless platforms optimized for the unique needs of remote monitoring and control applications, and interoperability with other ZigBee systems that use the same profile. Texas Instruments 12500 TI Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75266

Freescale Semiconductor (512) 996-4418

Andy North [email protected]

18 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

Market Data

Smart Energy Applications Take the Limelight in the 5th Year of Zigbee's By Jayalakshmi Janakiraman, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan Standards Ratification

Zigbee has made inroads into a myriad set of applications including home and building automation, industrial monitoring and control, and environmental monitoring. Zigbee helps to reduce costs by eliminating cable maintenance and installation costs; therefore, it is an ideal replacement for wired networks. Perhaps the biggest short-term opportunity for Zigbee, especially in light of the current economic situation, comes in the form of energy management. The Zigbee alliance recognized the potential involved and introduced a public application profile for smart energy in early 2008. The importance of maintaining efficiency in energy management cannot be understated, particularly because it can have financial ramifications. This may be the reason why the newly formed US government, under the leadership of Barack Obama, has resolved to focus on the building of an energy-efficient economy. As part of these efforts, many utilities have started employing Zigbee-enabled smart meters. The adoption is likely to go up further in 2009 fuelled by concerns about the economy and the environment. Further, the partnership between Zigbee and the HomePlug Power Alliance has also witnessed support from major utilities in North America. Efforts are underway to increase acceptance of Zigbee Smart Energy as the common standard for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) as well as home area networks (HANs). These efforts are not restricted to the US alone. After all, the energy crisis is global in nature and many countries are facing energy demand and supply issues. Energy management solutions, such as those enabled by Zigbee, can help in restoring the supply-demand balance. Semiconductor companies are already witnessing increasing sales to the smart-meter market. The increasing focus on smart energy applications means that semiconductor vendors that provide solutions for metering and HANs, would need to be ready with Zigbee integrated solutions for these applications. Zigbee solutions come in various forms; some consist of a transceiver IC alone and others integrate many components. System designers have started looking for higher levels of integration in Zigbee offerings and manufacturers are responding by integrating all the components ­ the Zigbee radio, transceiver, processor and memory ­ into a single chip. Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Ember Corp., Atmel Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. are some of the vendors that supply Zigbee chipsets. 2009 marks the fifth year since the first Zigbee specification was ratified. With mounting energy concerns and the rapid adoption of Zigbee in utility metering, the year could very well witness the technology's movement into the foreground as a truly global interoperable standard. For more information contact David Escalante at [email protected] or visit

Philips Home Control is a global leader in remote control technology and manufactures remotes for OEMs. As a technology pioneer, Philips developed many of the industry's standard protocols (IR and RF) and is co-founder of the RF4CE consortium. RF4CE will be the first open RF remote control standard for audio video consumer electronics, based on 802.15.4 technology. The standard enables low cost bi-directional RF remote control applications, low power consumption and increased design flexibility for your products. Offering complete innovative solutions for all possible applications and segments, ranging from IPTV to cable and satellite, consumer electronics, home automation and pc-based applications, Philips prides itself with the broadest worldwide customer base. Whether choosing an off-the-shelf solution or a totally original remote control that matches your product or brand identity, Philips is the right partner; building on the experience and skills of our designers, engineers and sales team. For more information visit

Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide


ZigBee Alliance Members

Crossbow Technology CSIR Cyan Cypress Semiconductor Daintree Networks Develco Digi International Dresser, Inc. DTE Energy Eaton Corporation Ecobee Eka Systems ELDAT Electrochem Elster Integrated Solutions embeX Energate, Inc. Energy Aware Technology ETRI Eurotech Group Exegin Technologies Fisher Pierce OLC France Telecom Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Frontline Fujitsu GE Energy Gigatek Golden Power Manuf. GreenPeak GridPoint, Inc. Grundfos Hitachi Honeywell Ingersoll Rand Inovonics Wireless INSTA III Institue for Networking Intellon Corp. Iskraemeco, d.d. Jemena JENNIC Johnson Controls, Inc. Kanepi Innovations KDDI R&D Laboratories Korwin Kroger Co. Legrand Electric LG Electronics Lixar SRS

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20 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

Executive Interview

Cees Links Chief Executive Officer Greenpeak GreenPeak Founder and CEO Cees Links is a pioneer of the wireless data industry. Under his responsibility, the first wireless LANs were developed which ultimately became house-hold technology integrated into the PCs and notebooks we are all familiar with. He also pioneered the development of access points, home networking routers and hotspot base stations, all widely used today. We recently caught up with Mr. Links in an effort to get his take on the state of ZigBee technology. Battery-less ZigBee, implementing ZigBee in every light switch or dimmer is by far the biggest opportunity. But there are many others as well, like RF-ID tags for logistics and shelf tags for retail.

What do you see as the biggest misconception about ZigBee?

The biggest misconception is that ZigBee should be one standard for every application like Wi-Fi. The market ZigBee is addressing is extremely diverse with many different requirements.There is no "one solution fits all" for the different ZigBee applications. ZigBee approves how the Mac and PHY layers are defined and then allows diversification in the network layers for different applications.

What is the status of ZigBee technology?

More and more ZigBee implementations are hitting the market. In particular, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) has established itself as a standard. The ZigBee technology is mature and a basic platform for many applications.

What can we expect from GreenPeak in 2009 and beyond?

GreenPeak is very focused on ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4. We will address IEEE 802.15.4 opportunities and help to get them in the family of ZigBee standards wherever appropriate.

Where do you see the greatest market opportunities?

Long term market opportunities for ZigBee are very diversified: different network layers for different applications on the IEEE 802.15.4. PHY and MAC. For more information visit

HAI (Home Automation, Inc.) is a privately held manufacturer of integrated automation and security products for residential and commercial use based in New Orleans, LA. Incorporated in 1985, HAI has developed a full line of award-winning automation products, including home control systems, programmable communicating thermostats, smart light switches, Whole Home Audio systems, video surveillance equipment, Touchscreen interfaces, and software that allows access and control of an automation system over the Internet. All products are sold through HAI's worldwide network of Distribution Partners and installed by trained dealers in over 80 countries. HAI's ENERGY STAR Omnistat2 Wireless thermostats are available with ZigBee transceivers installed, making them ideal for retrofit installations. Additionally, HAI is developing a number of ZigBee Load Control Modules for control of high powered devices like water heaters, pool pumps, and more.

Contact Information: 4330 Michoud Blvd New Orleans, LA 70129 1-800-229-7256 (toll-free) [email protected]

Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide


ZigBee Alliance Members

LS Industrial Systems LS Research Marlin Controls MeshNetics Microchip Technology Mikrokrets AS Mindteck Mitsubishi Electric Motorola Murata Manufacturing Nagano Keiki Nanotron Technologies NICTA National Instruments National Technical Systems NEC Electronics Corp. NEC Engineering Neptune Technology Grp. Nice Niko NXP Oki Electric Industry Co. Oki Semiconductor Oncor Electric Delivery One RF Technology ONZO OTSL Inc. Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Powercor PRI RadioPulse Renesas Technology RFTechnologies Rincon Research Corp. Samsung Electro-Mechanics SDGE San Juan Software Sensus Metering Systems SHINKO Silicon Laboratories Inc Silver Spring Networks Skyley Networks SmartSynch Software Technologies Southern California Edison Telecom Italia Lab Telefónica Telegesis Telit Wireless Solutions TRAC Trilliant Networks, Inc. Tritech Technology AB

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22 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

ZigBee News & Market Information

EPRI Collaborates with ZigBee and HomePlug to Define Smart Energy Standard for Consumer Electronics

The ZigBee® Alliance and the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance have announced that the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is now collaborating with them to develop a common language for home area network (HAN) devices to utilize advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The groups will work in cooperation with the many utilities already supporting ZigBee Smart Energy and will look for ways to further expand the Smart Grid by creating a standard communication approach between AMI systems and HANs, as well as a common set of certification procedures. EPRI joins the ZigBee and HomePlug initiative led by several utilities with the goal to create a unified AMI and HAN solution. Development efforts of the initiative will center on expanding the ZigBee Smart Energy public application profile. The initiative will enhance the capabilities of Smart Energy to incorporate new features, support ZigBee wireless and HomePlug wired devices, and accelerate the development and certification of HAN devices capable of plugging into the Smart Grid such as thermostats, pool pumps, water heaters, appliances and plug-in vehicles. "There are a number of ways that EPRI can contribute to this effort," said Arshad Mansoor, vice president of power delivery and utilization for EPRI. Using our collaborative model, we have the ability to bring multiple perspectives outside the alliance to create a broader consensus for establishing standards. "EPRI's involvement in this effort will focus resources and bring together a strong coalition whose work to establish the standard for Smart Energy HAN devices will accelerate the deployment of the Smart Grid," said Bob Heile, ZigBee Alliance chairman.

Wireless Sensor Networks Make Headway in Smart Energy, Industrial Controls and Other Applications Through IEEE 802.15.4 Technologies

According to In-Stat, wireless sensor networks are making some headway in smart energy, industrial control and other applications through IEEE 802.15.4 technologies. While ZigBee, through its impressive marketing efforts in the US, owned the largest mind share in the wireless sensor networking space for the past several years, a whole host of proprietary software stacks are being used in applications where ZigBee is more than what is required by the specific applications. This is resulting in a large number of technologies being used for countless applications, and ZigBee usage more focused on a single, yet fast growing application - smart energy. In addition to proprietary standards, other consortia are building industry standards on 802.15.4 for other applications including industrial, building and home automation. These technologies will help drive volume and lower chip costs for 802.15.4 components. "A large number of technologies are being used for countless applications, with ZigBee usage becoming more focused on the fast growing smart energy application," said Brian O'Rourke, In-Stat analyst. "On a global basis, utilities and governments are leveraging these technologies to provision, monitor and bill customers more efficiently, while also benefiting the environment."

Five Great Reasons Why You Should Attend Battery Power 2009

· Discover How New Technology is Impacting Power Management · Network with Potential Business Partners · See the Latest Products and Technologies Unveiled · Learn to Optimize Your System Performance and Dependability · Discuss Your Specific System Needs with Technology Experts

Battery Power 2009, an international conference highlighting the latest developments and technologies in the battery industry, will be held October 20-21 in Denver, Colorado. This event will feature more than 30 presentations on portable, stationary and electric vehicle battery technology, as well as battery manufacturing, materials and research & development. The conference is designed for OEM design engineers, system engineers, technical and management professionals involved in battery powered products and systems, battery manufacturing, battery technology research and development and power management technology. Register online today

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ZigBee Alliance Members

TSC Systems TÜV Rheinland Group TXU Energy Uniband Electronic Corp Viconics Electronics Inc. VDPI Watteco Wavecom Yamatake Group Yokogawa Electric Corp. Home Automation, Inc. Hotech Edge Limited Hunter Fan Company IBBT VZW IBM Research GmbH iControl, Inc. Iflect Technologies IMST GmbH Indesign Industrial Interface, Ltd. Infotech Enterprises Limited Inncom International, Inc. iRevo Jabil Circuit, Inc. Kaba/ Ilco/ Saflok Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. KEPAR Electronica S.A. KLG Systel, Ltd. Knick Laird Technologies Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Living Independendently Lucerne University Mambo Technologies MechoShade Systems, Inc. Medtronic Inc. Melexis Millennium Electronics MMB Research Inc. Mobilarm Pty, Ltd. muNet Munisense BV Netvox Technology Co. Ltd. Newport Electronics Niigata Seimitsu Co. Niles Audio Corporation NMB Technologies Corp. NURI Telecom Co., Ltd. Oi Electric Co., Ltd. Onity, Inc. Onset Computer Corp. Open Technologies OPNET Technologies, Inc. Orbis Tecnologia Electrica Perytons, Ltd. PowerMand, Inc. Procept PTY, Ltd. Profile Systems, LLC Radiocrafts AS Raymarine U.K. Limited Remote Technologies, Inc. RFM - Formerly Cirronet Robulink Technology Ltd. Rosenwach Tank, LLC S.E.A.


4-NOKS, S.R.L. Adhoco AG AdWave Air2App Wireless Telemetry ARCX, Inc. AUREL company Autani Corp. Awarepoint Corp. Aztech Associates, Inc. Bartech Systems Intl. Beijing Inforson Technologies Co., Ltd Betronic Nederland BV BOBST S.A. Buzby Networks CEST Chunghwa Telecom Co. Cipher Systems, Inc. Citycom Technology Ltd. CityGrow Technology Cohrane Lake Gas Co-op, Ltd. Colorado vNet ConMed Linvatec CONTEC Corporate Systems Eng. Crabtree Electrical Crestron Data Respons A/S DBS Lodging Technologies Delphi Medical Systems Distech Controls Dometic dresden elektronik EDMI, Ltd. Encore Networks Energy Optimizers Limited Energy, Inc. EpiSensor Limited Freestyle Energy, Ltd. Greenbox Technology, Inc. Helicomm Hidalgo Limited Holy Stone Enterprise Co

24 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

ZigBee Alliance Members

Satyam Computer Services Saudi Aramco Schindler Elevator Ltd. SeaSolve Software Inc Selex Communications SPA Sensor Switch, Inc. Sentientz Ltd. Shenyang Inst. of Automation Silicon & Software Systems Site Controls SITEK SMS Tecnologia Eletrônica Spectec Computer Co., Ltd. Step One Limited Synapse System SPA Talon Communications Tanla Solutions Ltd. Tantalus Systems Corp. Technical Solutions, Inc. Telenor R & I Telezygology, Inc. (TZ) Telkonet, Inc. Telular Corp. Teridian Semiconductor Corp. Tessolve Services Private Ltd. Timelox AB Truveon Corp. TTA UNIS, s r. o. Universal Lighting Tech. V2Com Venntis, LLC VT Miltope Corporation Wellspring Wireless WhizNets, Inc. Wireless Glue Networks Wireless Measurement, Ltd. XStreamHD Yaskawa Zao Ntc Teko



· March 30 - April 3 - Embedded Systems Conference San Jose, California / · 1-3 - CTIA Wireless Las Vegas, Nevada / · 29-May 4 - ENTELEC Houston, Texas /


· 5-7 - LightFair Intl. New York, NY / · 17-21 - Interop Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada / · 26-28 - Metering China Beijing, China /


· 2-4 - Connections Santa Clara, California / · 8-11 - Connectivity Week Santa Clara, California / · 8-11 - Sensors Expo Rosemont, Illinois / · 30-July 1 - European ZigBee Developers' Conference Munich, Germany /


· 1-2 - Antenna Systems/Short-Range Wireless Conference Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / · 9-13 - Cedia Expo Atlanta, Georgia / · 21-24 - Design & Manufacturing Midwest Rosemont, Illinois /

Visit for updated membership information.


· 6-8 - ISA Expo Houston, Texas / · 26-29 - International Telemetering Conf. Las Vegas, Nevada / · 21-22 - Wireless Congress 2009 Munich, Germany / · 29-30 - Remote Conference & Expo San Antonio, Texas /

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ZigBee Resource Guide


4-NOKS, S.R.L. Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation Alektrona Corporation Arch Rock Corporation Betronic Nederland BV Cambridge Consultants CCL/ITRI Centre de Prototips i Solucions HW/SW Certicom Corporation Cipher Systems, Inc. Arch Rock Corporation CityGrow Technology Crossbow Technology, Inc. CSIR Data Respons A/S Develco A/S dresden elektronik ingenieurtechnik gmbh ETRI Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Hidalgo Limited IMI (formerly Eazix, Inc.) IMST GmbH Indesign, LLC Institute for Information Industry Institute of Network Technologies KEPAR Electronica S.A. KETI KTL (Laboratory Accreditation Solution Ltd.) Laird Technologies Lixar SRS Inc. LS Research, LLC Lucerne University of Applied Sciences Mikrokrets AS Mindteck MMB Research Inc. National ICT Australia, Ltd. National Technical Systems NEC Engineering, Ltd. Neptune Technology Group, Inc. NETVOX Technology Co.., Ltd. Niko Open Technologies 98 OS Technology, Inc. OTSL, Inc. Profile Systems, LLC Radiocrafts AS Rincon Research Corporation Robulink Technology Ltd San Juan Software, Inc Satyam Computer Services, Ltd. Seasolve Software, Inc. Sensus Metering Systems SENTIENTZ Ltd. Shenyang Institute of Automation Silicon & Software Systems (S3) Software Technologies Group, Inc. Step One Limited Synapse Wireless Inc. Talon Communications, Inc. Technical Solutions, Inc. Telular Corporation Tessolve Services Private Limited Tritech Technology AB TSC Systems Telecommunications Technology Association TUV Rheinland of North America UNIS, a.s. Wellspring Wireless Wireless Measurement, Ltd.


Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation Cannon Technologies Honeywell KLG Systel, Ltd. Landis+Gyr Siemens AG


Atmel Corporation Cyan Technology Ltd Cypress Semiconductor Ember Corporation Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. GreenPeak Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd. Iflect Technologies Integration Associates Jennic Limited Melexis Connectivity Solutions Microchip Technology Nanotron Technologies GMBH NEC Electronics Corporation NXP Semiconductors OKI Semiconductor RadioPulse, Inc. Renesas Technology Corporation Silicon Laboratories STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments, Inc Uniband Electronic Corporation WATTECO WAVECOM

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26 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

Vesternet Launches World's First Dedicated ZigBee eCommerce Store

New eCommerce store sells development tools, components, certified products and a platform for the management of ZigBee devices.

Vesternet makes two core products: · Zigbox - a compact ZigBee Ethernet gateway · Zigbytes - a web-based user interface Together, these core products form the backbone of any network. Zigbox gathers sensor data and Zigbytes presents it online. Users then purchase and plug-in multivendor ZigBee sensors to build up their own unique solution. These could be power sockets, thermostats, door/window, smoke detectors and more. The result is that end-users have 24/7 web based access to their ZigBee devices. And as new certified products are released from the many ZigBee partners, these will easily plug into and extend the existing network. Initially the Vesternet platform will focus on Smart Energy and Home Automation. Later versions, however, will support new ZigBee profiles such as RF4CE, Building Automation and Healthcare. Aside from the end-user Vesternet platform ­ also available are individual components & tools for installers, developers, re-sellers and utilities. Vesternet ships worldwide from US and European locations. To browse the ZigBee shop and interactive home and office tools for the design of a customised network, visit

Vesternet is a ZigBee solution provider, online shop and product integrator. We sell multi-vendor sensors, as well as our own back-end platform for monitoring and control of your ZigBee network.

Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide


ZigBee Resource Guide


Baltimore Gas & Electric Company CenterPoint Energy Service Company Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. Cohrane Lake Gas Co-op, Ltd. Consumers Energy Company Convergence Wireless, Inc. DTE Energy France Telecom IBM Research GmbH Jemena Oncor Electric Delivery Onzo Ltd Pacific Gas & Electric Company Powercor Australia, Ltd. Reliant Energy, Inc. San Diego Gas & Electric Southern California Edison Telecom Italia s.p.a. TILAB Telefonica I+D Telenor R & I Tendril Networks, Inc. TXU Energy IMST GmbH Industrial Interface, Ltd. Infotech Enterprises Limited Kaba/ Ilco/ Saflok Kanepi Innovations Laird Technologies Mambo Technologies, Ltd. Melexis Connectivity Solutions MeshNetics Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Newport Electronics Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. OKI Semiconductor Co., Ltd. One RF Technology OPTO 22 Orbis Tecnologia Electrica S.A. OS Technology, Inc. Procept PTY, Ltd. Radiocrafts AS RFM (formerly Cirronet) Spectec Computer Co., Ltd. Telegesis TELIT Communications SPA Tritech Technology AB V2COM WATTECO


Adhoco AG AMX Corporation Aurel S.p.A. Aztech Associates, Inc. CityGrow Technology Company Limited Cohrane Lake Gas Co-op, Ltd. Colorado vNet Comverge, Inc. Contec Co., Ltd. Convergence Wireless, Inc. Corporate Systems Engineering Crossbow Technology, Inc. Cyan Technology Ltd DataPath, Inc. DBS Lodging Technologies, LLC Develco A/S Digi International Eka Systems, Inc. Electrochem Elster embeX GmbH Energy Aware Technology, Inc. Energy Optimizers Limited Energy, Inc. EpiSensor Limited Fujitsu Limited GridPoint, Inc. Helicomm, Inc. IMI (formerly Eazix, Inc.)


Aclara Alpha Systems, Inc. AMX Corporation ARCX, Inc. Assa Abloy AB Awarepoint Corporation Bartech Systems International, Inc. Beijing Inforson Technologies Co., Ltd Black&Decker Blueline Innovations, Inc. Cannon Technologies CentraLite Systems, Inc. Cipher Systems, Inc. Colorado vNet Computime International Limited ConMed Linvatec Control4 Crabtree Electrical Accessories SA Crane Co. Crestron Electronics, Inc. Digi International Distech Controls Dometic GmbH Dresser, Inc.

28 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

ZigBee Resource Guide

Eaton Corporation ecobee inc. EDMI, Ltd. ELDAT GmbH Elster Energate, Inc. Niles Audio Corporation NMB Technologies Corporation Oi Electric Co., Ltd. Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Onity, Inc. Onzo Ltd Orbis Tecnologia Electrica S.A. Philips PowerMand, Inc. PRI Limited Raymarine U.K. Limited Remote Technologies, Inc. RF Technologies, Inc. RFM (formerly Cirronet) Robulink Technology Ltd S.E.A. Science & Engineering Applications Datentechnik GmbH Samsung Electro-Mechanics Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Saudi Aramco Schindler Elevator Ltd. Schneider Electric Sensor Switch, Inc. Sentientz Ltd. Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd. Siemens AG Silver Spring Networks SmartSynch, Inc. SMS Tecnologia Eletronica, Ltd. Spectec Computer Co., Ltd. Tanla Solutions Limited Telecom Italia s.p.a. TILAB Timelox AB Trane Trilliant Networks, Inc. TSC Systems Universal Lighting Technologies V2COM Viconics Electronics, Inc. Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc. VT Miltope Corporation Wireless Measurement, Ltd. Yamatake Corporation Yokogawa Electric Corporation ZAO NTC TEKO


Energy Optimizers Limited EpiSensor Limited Exegin Technologies, Ltd. FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. France Telecom Gigatek, Inc. Golden Power Manufacturing, Ltd. GridPoint, Inc. Grundfos Management Hitachi, Ltd. Honeywell Hotech Edge Limited Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Hunter Fan Company iControl, Inc. Iflect Technologies Inncom International, Inc. Inovonics Wireless Corporation Insta Elektro GmbH iRevo Itron, Inc. Johnson Controls KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc. KLG Systel, Ltd. Knick Elektronische Meßgeräte Landis+Gyr Larsen & Toubro Ltd. LEGRAND LG Electronics, Inc. Living Independently Group, Inc. LS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. LS Research, LLC Mambo Technologies, Ltd. Marlin Controls, Inc. MechoShade Systems, Inc. Medtronic Inc. Millennium Electronics Mitsubishi Electric Corp. MMB Research Inc. Mobilarm Pty, Ltd. Motorola, Inc. Munisense BV Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd. Netvox Technology Co., Ltd. NICE SpA Niigata Seimitsu Co., Ltd.


Adhoco AG AIJI System Air2App Wireless Telemetry, Inc. Airbee Wireless, Inc. Arch Rock Corporation

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ZigBee Resource Guide

Atalum SA Autani Corporation Aztech Associates, Inc. Bartech Systems International, Inc. Betronic Nederland BV Blueline Innovations, Inc. California Eastern Laboratories CASON Engineering Plc. Centre de Prototips i Solucions HW/SW Certicom Corporation CEST Computime International Limited Comverge, Inc. Corporate Systems Engineering Daintree Networks, Inc. EDMI, Ltd. Eka Systems, Inc. embeX GmbH Energy Aware Technology, Inc. Energy, Inc. Eurotech Group Exegin Technologies, Ltd. Fisher Pierce OLC/Sunrise Technologies, Inc. Freestyle Energy, Ltd. Frontline Test Equipment, Inc Fujitsu Limited Greenbox Technology, Inc. IBBT VZW Kanepi Innovations Mindteck MU Net National Instruments National Technical Systems Onset Computer Corporation OPNET Technologies, Inc. Perytons, Ltd. PowerMand, Inc. S.E.A. Science & Engineering Applications Datentechnik GmbH Site Controls SITEK SPA Skyley Networks, Inc. Software Technologies Group, Inc. Tantalus Systems Corporation Telkonet, Inc. Telular Corporation Tendril Networks, Inc. Tessolve Services Private Limited Truveon Corp. WAVECOM WhizNets, Inc. Wireless Glue Networks, Inc. Yaskawa Information Systems Corporation


Airbee Wireless, Inc. Atmel Corporation Beijing Inforson Technologies Co., Ltd Cambridge Consultants Ember Corporation Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. GreenPeak Helicomm, Inc Jennic Limited Korwin Lixar SRS Inc. MeshNetics NEC Electronics Corporation One RF Technology RadioPulse, Inc. Renesas Technology Corporation San Juan Software, Inc. Silicon Laboratories Skyley Networks, Inc. STMicroelectronics Texas Instruments, Inc. Uniband Electronic Corporation

ZigBee Resource Guide Advertisers

Atmel Corporation, founded in 1984, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits. Awarepoint is the leading healthcare market source of ubiquitous sensor network solutions which facilitate enterprise-wide visibility and enhanced management of crucial resources. California Eastern Laboratories develops ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4 Radio Modules and transceiver ICs. Digi International®, the leader in device networking for business, develops reliable products and technologies to connect and securely manage local or remote electronic devices over the network or via the web. Freescale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets. Freescale offers a comprehensive ZigBee® solution, including RF chipsets, MCUs, sensors, reference designs, protocol stack software and development tools.

30 ZigBee Resource Guide · Spring 2009

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Helicomm is a leading provider of ZigBee based wireless solutions. Based in San Diego, Calif. and founded in 2002 by professionals from the telecommunications and semiconductor industry, Helicomm, Inc. seeks to revolutionize the tracking, management and communication of assets. Home Automation, Inc. is a privately held manufacturer of integrated automation and security products for residential and commercial use based in New Orleans, La. Jennic is a fabless semiconductor company leading the wireless connectivity revolution. Our wireless microcontrollers provide a highly integrated solution for low-cost Wireless Sensor Networks based on IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBee standards. Lemos International is a leading supplier of component devices that support a variety of commercial wireless applications. Philips Home Control is a global leader in remote control technology and manufactures remotes for OEMs. RadioPulse is a fabless semiconductor company leading the wireless personal area network technology by providing ZigBee- based total solution for a broad range of applications. SeaSolve Software Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of ZigBee real-time test and measurement solutions for testing the performance of devices based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Tadiran manufactures a complete line of lithium thionyl chloride batteries, including a variety of primary cylindrical batteries, Pulses PlusTM batteries for high current pulse applications, coin-sized cells and custom battery packs. Telegesis are ZigBee specialists who have partnered with Ember and ST to provide a range of complete OEM modules. The standard modules comprise an Ember or ST chip, antenna and a highly functional, easy to use AT command layer, giving all the key components for a successful ZigBee solution. Telit Communications PLC is a global leader in providing M2M wireless solutions. Texas Instruments (TI) designs and manufactures analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors.

Atmel Nantes SAS ....................5 Awarepoint ............................10 California Eastern Laboratories ..17 Digi International ....................32 Freescale Semiconductor ..........18 Helicomm Inc. ........................14 Home Automation Inc. ..............21 JENNIC ................................15 Lemos International ................14 Lightfair International ..............16 Philips Home Control................19 RadioPulse Inc. ......................17 SeaSolve Software Inc ..............10 Sensors Expo..........................27 Tadiran Batteries ....................13 Telegisis Ltd...........................14 Telit Wireless Solutions ..............7 Texas Instruments ..................18 Webcom Communications ..20,22,23 ZigBee Alliance ........................2

Spring 2009 · ZigBee Resource Guide



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