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Volume 8, Issue 1 Zion Episcopal Church Services: Sunday 8:00 AM and 10:00AM From the Rector's Desk February 2011

Parish Office 140 W. Liberty St Rome, NY 13440 315-336-5170 Fax 315-281-0081 9:00 a.m. ­ 12:30 p.m. Website & Email [email protected] Newsletter Staff Editor: Malinda Abraham Information/Copy/Assembly: JoAnn Bartlett/Malinda Abraham Newsletter Items Email: [email protected]

A Fear stricken person can never know God, and one who knows God will never fear a mortal man. Where there is fear, there is not religion ~~~~~~~ Gandhi

I need to let you know that I am actively involved with searching for a new position. Over the past few months I have been forced to see that my time here was nearing its end. Initially I thought that the parish leadership and I could work through it, but now I know it is time to go. It is clear to me, based on the 2011 budget that was put before you, that it is indeed time to leave here and to look for a parish where I might be a better fit. As you may or may not have noticed, I tend to be to the left of center in my theology. Most folks here tend to the opposite direction. I have always had faith that the two could be reconciled, that an Anglican via media would be achieved and a certain harmony could take root which would show that community can overcome ideology. None of this should be new to any of you, especially those who came to see me in Rochester and were part of the conversation here when I was interviewed. I still remember being asked if I would listen to those who disagreed with me. I responded yes, and still maintain that I do listen, but I may not always agree. Lately I find myself disagreeing more and more, mostly over finances, which is a sign that the fit may not be as right as it once was. Most would probably agree that members of the congregation and myself have "found their voice" and are more able to identify who we are. More conservative members have found what really is meaningful to them. I have found that being a liberal progressive who believes in the social gospel is primarily who I am and what I am called to preach. My hope is that Zion will continue in its journey to more clearly state its conservative principals within the context of the Episcopal Church.

Inside this issue: From the Rector's Desk...1 Zion Staff.....2 Vestry.....2 Memorial Gifts...2 Prayer List.....3 Birthdays and Anniversaries.4 Stephen Ministry....5 ERD News....6 Zion Happenings..7 Our Zion Family..8 Calendar....10

Glad Tidings


From the Rector's Desk (con't.)

As for me, I will be looking for a parish dedicated to marching for the rights of homeless people, and standing up to the centers of power and influence to redistribute the wealth this country produces. Radical left parishes are out there, and I am in the process of finding one. In the course of the next few months, when you see strangers at the door of the church, you can probably assume that they are not here passing through on vacation. They will be members of search committees coming to look at the parish and to hear me preach. That is the flip side of the same process you engaged in six years ago when you came to Rochester. It is my intent to stay in the diocese if I can. Skip and I have a good relationship, and I have good relationships with my fellow clergy. I also enjoy the work I am doing at the diocesan level. However, I am also looking nationally for a church which would be a place where my passions and talents would serve the needs of the people who live there. I can say that I am proud of the work we have done together. We have an active and engaged feeding and clothing program so that some of the needs of the poor can be met. The Stephen Ministry program is involved with helping those who are broken achieve some wholeness. Our participation in the Relay for Life has focused members on a goal which is outside of ourselves. All of those programs are lay led and should continue even after I am no longer here. They are your achievements, and are a testament to your energy and commitment to the life of the parish. I had hoped to stay here for quite a while. I brought my octogenarian father-in-law up here from Alabama to stay with us. You have seen what I have done to my front yard. You know of my plans for a community garden for the city of Rome. My daughter is a freshman at RFA. However, all of these reasons are not enough to make me stay in a place where my needs and passions do not fit the needs and passions of the parish. The decision to leave is difficult and does involve risk to my family's financial situation, but even in the face of that, it is one that needs to be made, even though circumstances have forced me to do so.

Zion Staff

Rector Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Parish Secretary Financial Secretary The Rev Edward Hunt James Mott Tina Rescigno Michael Rescigno JoAnn Bartlett Nina Foxenberg

Vestry 2011

James Mott, Senior Warden ('12) Tina Rescigno, Junior Warden ('12) Doug Hewitt ('14) Bill Stevens ('13) Kirk Millington ('13) Mike Potter ('12) Malinda Abraham ('14) Sandie Latimer ('14)

Norman Hutchinson ('13) Wayne E. Towne ('12)

Glad Tidings


MEMORIAL GIFTS AND FLOWERS Given to the glory of God

Feb. 6 ­ Altar flowers given in Thanksgiving of Malinda Abraham's birthday Feb. 13 - Altar flowers given by Jean & Donald Bush in memory of Mary Ellen Randall Bartlett. Feb. 20 ­ Altar flowers available Feb. 27 ­ Altar Flowers available

February Prayer List

"Heavenly Father, watch over these your children, and grant that they may be restored to that perfect health which is yours alone to give, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen"

Sarah Todora Marijean Levering (Mary Anne Hutchinson's friend) Yolanda D'Amore Preston Bonelli (Diane Herder's son-in-law) Linda Hunter Gary Craig Stu Rood (Bryan Hale's friend) Bryan Hale Rita Evelyn Gifford Bill Osterhoudt Pat Rescigno (Mike Rescigno's mother) Julia Burns Mary Hyde Gina Handy Ann Marie Watkins Pat Glasrud (Janice & Everett Hall's daughter) Arthur & Laraine Galster Jacqueline Southard (Dian Sroka's mother) Carol Jones (Pat Cumming's sister) Brett McDonald Harry Spraggins Georgia Newbury Ryan Kelly Marjorie Babcock Jane Heilig Evelyn Miller (Marjorie Babcock's friend Butte Edel (Brenda Outwater's aunt) Richard Edel (Brenda Outwater's cousin) Kathy Gambier & Jeannie Pearly (Ann Gambier's daughters) Nancy Smith Catherine McMinn Ken McMinn Peggy Meyer (Georgia Ringlehan's sister) John Carro

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Our Homebound Members

Though you cannot be with us in person at Zion Church, you are with us in thought and prayer. Rome Memorial Hospital ..........Jane Heilig, Marjorie Babcock Stonehedge ...........................Hilda Gillander, Lillian Savery Betsy Ross ............................Catherine McMinn, Harry Spraggins At Home ................................Julia Burns, Evelyn Gifford, Wanda Younglove, and Ralph Gruner at The Terrace at Beverwyck, 41 Beverwyck Lane, Apt. 101, Slingerlands, NY 12159 (518-269-4956) Bill Osterhoudt ............... at son's house - 4244 Skyline Dr., Vernon, NY, 13476 Lee Martin .................... at home ­ 7916 Ridge Mills Rd., Rome, NY, 13440

Happy February Birthday to:

February 2 February 3 February 4 Jacqueline Falcone Malinda Abraham Judy Bottini Jonathan Washburn Lisa Wiggins Catherine McMinn Paul Rapke Maya Nelson Breanna Deeley Bill Ernst Ashleigh Nelson Kirk Ringdahl Cathy McMinn Zbiegien Susan Grow Colmey Janice Hall Margaret Latimer February 18 February 21 February 22 February 23 Colleen Corbett Chelsea Hensley Michelle Eychner Muriel Boulerice Brenda Outwater Ken Viscosi Adam Lisser Harold Potter Michael Boudreau Samantha Grunder Alexandra Towne Michael Neri Tammy Ernst DeVries

February 5 February 8 February 9 February 11

February 24 February 26

February 12 February 14 February 16

February 28

Glad Tidings


Happy February Anniversary to:

February 9 February 12 February 21 Lois and Douglas Walsh Grace and Kirk Millington Michelle and David Eychner

Zion Happenings

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper The annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper will be held in Clark Hall on March 8th beginning at 5:00 pm. Supper will consist of pancakes, sausage, real maple syrup and a beverage of your choice. Please keep the date open and join us for a great meal and even greater fellowship. Watch your bulletin for further details.

LENTEN STUDY SERIES begins Wednesday March. 16Th and will run for 6 weeks ending on April 20th. A simple meal of soup, bread, cheese and drink will be served at 6:30pm followed by the lecture beginning at 7:15pm in the parlor NOTE: The programs are based on presentations by Bishop N.T. Wright via a DVD called "Surprised by Hope." The book, Surprised by Hope (2008) is available through Amazon ($14.72) and Barnes and Noble ($14.82). Mike Rescigno will be ordering books to get free shipping. Please sign up in Clarke Hall for a book. Fr. Lewis encourages all to get a book. The Revd. Dr. John LaVoe and The Revd. Dick Lewis will coordinate the programs. There will be opportunity for discussion and questions. The sessions will end at 8:30 PM. For more information you may call Dick (337-3176) or email him at: [email protected]

Glad Tidings


Lent begins Ash Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Easter is Sunday, April 24, 2011. There are no altar flowers during Lent but a bulletin contribution or candle oil can be given.

Our Zion Family

Our own "daughter of Zion" Pilar Padron really wowed 'em at the 24th Annual Messiah Sing on Sunday, December 19th. You were wonderful, Pilar! Thanks to everyone who helped with the arrangements and reception, particularly Andrea Radesi, Sandie Latimer, and Tina Rescigno. Turnout was excellent -- Approximately 260 people attended.

Glad Tidings


Lego Robotics

Two members of our church family participated in various Lego Robotics competitions during the fall. The RCS Robonauts featured Jack O'Shaughnessy, grandson of Susan O'Shaughnessy. His team competed in the Robotics Championship Tournament held at SUNYIT in December.

RCS Robonauts

Taking the Championship at the Lego League Robotics held at SUNYIT in December was the Mindstorm Magicians team. This team included our own Francesca Rescigno. They have now qualified for a "World Festival" competition in April in St. Louis, MO.

Lego Robotics Champs Congratulations to both teams and to the parents that support and encourage their efforts!! Great Job!

Glad Tidings


Dear Zion parishioners, You may have heard that Father Hunt, working with the diocese, has scheduled his long overdue Sabbatical for March-May. He will work with Grace Church Utica's music director, Bruce Smith, to develop his music skills during this period. It is also an opportunity for him to clear his mind and to focus on the job search process he initiated in December. If he's still looking at the end of May, he will return to us as scheduled. During these three months, we have arranged for coverage by supply clergy. All is not finalized, so to be safe Father Hunt will be training volunteers to conduct Morning Prayer if we have a service or services that can't be covered. All are welcome to learn how to conduct Morning Prayer and to become licensed by the diocese through a subsequent process. The services will be covered by three retired priests: The Rev. Sally Heiligman, formerly Rector of Grace Church in Cortland, Father John Lavoe, formerly of St. John's in Whitesboro, and Father Dick Lewis. The vestry created an account 7 years ago to pay for supply clergy during Father Ed's eventual Sabbatical, so the impact on our operating budget should be minimal. Musicians during the period will include Georgia & Molly, who have been covering nicely for us, and on Palm Sunday, Easter, and some other days, Carol Stack has agreed to cover. Some specifics we do know -- Rev. Sally will officiate on Palm Sunday, Holy Saturday, and Easter. Father Lewis will be here for Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. He (& the Rev. Sarah, I hope) also plan to attend our annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. While Fr. Hunt is away, you may contact a Warden with any pastoral concerns. Fr. Hunt will be available for funerals. God's Peace, Fr. Hunt, Rector Jim Mott, Sr. Warden Editor's Note: Over the past couple months I have received various bits and pieces for publication in our newsletter. I thank each of you for your contributions and if your contribution didn't make this issue, please be assured, providing I am able to open the item you send me, it will make a future issue. While I would love to include everything sent to me each month, space limitations do not allow me to always do so. If you sent me an item and it hasn't "hit the press" yet, it will. I thank you for sending me items and encourage everyone to send me your items. The following is an item I received from Mike Rescigno that was published in the eMessenger. Thanks Mike for the "food for thought"

If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn't help the poor, either we've got to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we've got to acknowledge that he commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don't want to do it. -- Stephen Colbert 8

Glad Tidings

Meeting Minutes of the Vestry of Zion Episcopal Church Meeting Date: December 20, 2010


Present: The Rev. Edward Hunt, Rector; Jim Mott, Senior Warden; Pat Hoffman; Mike Potter; Norm

Hutchinson; Kirk Millington; Tina Rescigno, Junior Warden; Tammy DeVries; Doug Hewitt

Absent: Norm Gopsill; Wayne Towne Others Present: Mike Rescigno, Treasurer; Malinda Abraham, Clerk


Meeting was called to order by Fr. Hunt at 7:15 pm. Opening prayer led by Fr. Hunt. Minutes of November 15th meeting were reviewed. Motion by Tina Rescigno to accept minutes as submitted; seconded by Doug Hewitt; motion carried. Minutes of the December 2nd Special Meeting were reviewed; motion by Jim Mott to accept minutes as submitted; seconded by Pat Hoffman; motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Written report submitted. Budget deficit is about $14,000. We will be going on a

budget plan with National Grid ­ this will enable us to have consistent monthly payments and help eliminate the high heating bills incurred during the winter months. Motion by Norm Hutchinson to accept the Treasurer's Report; seconded by Kirk Millington; motion carried.

Property Committee Report: No committee meeting was held. We received the bill from Lupini

Construction for the temporary repairs to the bell tower ­ the bill was less than estimated.

Worship Committee: There was no meeting in December. The committee will be meeting in January.

Committee members are Susan O'Shaunessy; Charles Abraham; and Harriet Brennen.

Nominating Committee: The committee has proposed the following nominees: Doug Hewitt may continue

serving; Malinda Abraham; Frank Froschauer; Sandie Latimer.

Old Business:

2011 Budget: The committee met following the December 2 meeting. The budget was presented. A

motion by Jim Mott to: 1. Amend the budget as presented by the budget committee to add to Clergy Expense ­ restoring the full amount of Fr. Hunt's salary and related line items; 2. Also add $4,000 to the budget for transitional consultant as recommended by the Bishop; 3. Also add language to amend the December 2009 Property Fund motion to permit these expenses. A 2/3's vote of the Vestry is required to amend the Property Fund motion. The budget as amended would be a 14% draw on our endowment.

Glad Tidings


Budget discussion included getting backsliders back and ways of increasing pledges. Motion by Norm Hutchinson; seconded by Mike Rescigno to accept budget as amended; vote resulted in a tie ­ further discussion included concerns about the draw on our endowment. A second motion by Norm Hutchinson; seconded by Kirk Millington; motion carried ­ budget passed.

Due to time constraints ­ the agenda was amended to include Dinner Theater Report; Strategic Funding gift; DAR Meeting request ­ with Vestry consent.

Dinner Theater Fundraiser: To be held February 12, 2011. Norm Hutchinson will no longer be able to coordinate this event ­ someone else will need to take this over. Consensus was to not do this event at this time.

New Business:

Strategic Funding Gift: Zion has received a gift from Strategic in the amount of $550.00 ­ motion to accept

this gift; seconded by Pat Hoffman; motion carried. Determination of use of this gift will take place at a later date.

DAR Meeting: A letter was received requesting use of Clarke Hall by the DAR for their annual meeting ­ motion by Pat Hoffman; seconded by Tammy DeVries to approve this request; motion carried. Messiah Sing: Mention was made of the phenomenal job done with this year's event including solos by our

own Pilar Padron. Motion to adjourn by Tammy DeVries; seconded by Kirk Millington; motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm with prayer and the Lord's Prayer. The Annual Parish Meeting is January 23, 2011 at 9am with brunch to follow. Our next meeting is January 24, 2011 at 7:00pm. Respectfully Submitted, Malinda Abraham, Clerk

Glad Tidings


Zion Episcopal Church February 2011

Sun Mon Tue 1 Brigid Wed 2 The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ Thu 3 Anskar, Archbishop of Hamburg, Missionary to Denmakr and Sweden, 865 W 10 Fri 4 Cornelius the Centurion W Sat 5 The Martyrs of Japan 1597 R

6 Epiphany 5 8a.m.-Holy Eucharist 10a.m. ­Holy Eucharist 13 Epiphany 6 8a.m.-Holy Eucharist 10a.m. ­Holy Eucharist 20 Epiphany 7 8a.m.-Holy Eucharist 10a.m. ­Holy Eucharist 27 Epiphany 8 8a.m.-Holy Eucharist 10a.m. ­Holy Eucharist


8 7pm Sociable Singles Clarke Hall




14 Cyril, Monk, Methodius, Bishop Missionaries to the Slavs, 869-885

15 6:30 pm Genealogy Society Clarke Hall 22 7pm Ultreya in the Parlor


17 Janani Luwum Archbishop Uganda, Martyr, 1977 R

18 Martin Luther, 1546 W


21 7 pm Coin club meeting, Clarke Hall 7pm Vestry Meeting, Vestry Room 28

23 Polycarp, Bishop And Martyr of Smyrna, 156 R




EVs First & Third Sundays

AA Sat. & Sun. noon Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. Wed. 7 p.m. Thurs., Fri., Sun. 8 p.m.

NA Fri. 7-8:30 p.m. Sat. 11a.m.­12:30 p.m. Sun. 5:30-7 p.m.


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