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Zonta International Convention rotterdam 2008

number 4 | Monday 30 June 2008

HIgHlIgHts tHIs Issue: · Memorial Service · We are what we wear · PIP's and Governor's Song the 59th Zonta International Convention was opened by the Volendam singers with a variety of songs. Pomp and pageantry Judge Akua Kuenyehiya attended the opening of the 59th Zonta addresses Convention International Convention in rotterdam's de See page 3 Doelen Congress Hall saturday evening, ushered in by the colourful posting of the colours.

This was led by the entrance of the flags of the host country, the Netherlands, by Lea Laarakker, a Dutch Zontian who now lives in Thailand. She is a textile designer who designed the official Convention shawl made of Thai silk. The Dutch flag was followed by the standard of the Philippines, in honour of Zonta International President Olivia Ferry. This was carried by Erlinda T. Villanueva, age 81, charter member of the Zonta Club of Makati & Environs, and the first Asian to be elected to the Board of Zonta International and subsequently, to the ZIF Board. Bringing up the rear was the flag of Zonta International, carried by Antoinette Stratenus, Area Director of District 29. The national anthems of the Netherlands and the Philippines were sung by a student of Codarts, a school for the arts, and by Music Professor Irma Potenciano, past president of the Zonta Club of Mandaluyong-San Juan, Philippines. The flags of each of the Zonta countries were brought on stage by their country representatives in the order

Convention Delegates & Guests Applaud Posting of Colours

of the establishment of Zonta in that country, starting with the US flag, Zonta having been founded in Buffalo, NY in 1919. Gabriele Springer, past District 29 Governor, presented a new variety of yellow roses, which were subsequently christened with champagne by IP Ferry and special guest, Minister of Economic Affairs, Maria van der Hoeven. This is now known in the global flower market as the Zonta plus rose. After toasting the roses, Ferry said that she hopes these roses will flourish in the minds and hearts of Zontians throughout the world.

In her short but witty remarks, Minister van der Hoeven, a former Zontian, said women keep the world turning. Explaining a woman's influence, she said: "Sometimes, a small ripple may grow to be a roaring wave. Live your beautiful lives like beautiful Zonta roses, not only for others but also for yourselves."

Women's ICC Judge, VP Akua Kuenyehiya keynotes ZI Convention Opening Empowerment "Women have to rise to the challenge" through health Judge Akua Kuenyehiya, Vice President "Gender equality in decision-making is a powerful means to empower women locally and improve their of the International Criminal Court, the education

Nancy Durrell McKenna, the award winning photographer with her own charity Safe Hands for Mothers, guided us through the horrors of giving birth in rural areas in Africa without transportation, midwifes, hospitals, a helping hand or a sooth-

Hague, pleased her audience of 2,000 Zontians and guests when she stated that she was proud to be a Zontian.

ment and it cannot occur when the choices of half of

lives in many tangible ways. It pays equal attention to men and women and provides a better understanding of their roles and experiences" Judge Akua concluded: "Women have to rise to the challenge and strive for substantive gender equality at the local level, particularly in the decision-making process."

"Women's empowerment is central to human develophumanity are restricted." Significant gender disparities exist in all regions of the world and tend to be greater in low-income than in higher-income countries and, within countries, tend to be greater among the poor than the more affluent. "Abuses against women are relentless, systematic, and widely tolerated, if not explicitly condoned." she asserted. "We live in a world in which women do not have basic control over what happens to their bodies. Their governments cannot protect them." To bring about advancement, development and empowerment of women must be through local action: country-led, country-specific strategies for changing gender patterns with the end users actively involved; and,

ing voice. Nancy encouraged us to put a face to every statistical number ­ 70% of world's women live in poverty, 65% are illiterate, 50% of all young women have HIV, 600,000 women die in childbirth every year, on every minute of the year. Jackie Shapiro, the UN Committee Chair, member of the NYC club, informed us that the 8 Millenium Development goals also focus on reducing child mortality and to improve maternal health. The ladies then discussed various Zonta projects. A woman from Ghana wanted to know how you enforce the law. There is nothing wrong with the laws of her country but how to enforce them is another issue. Nancy's commented that indeed this has to come from the ground up and one has to make sure that the Communities takes on the mission to educate others and to make sure that the change comes. Britt Gustawsson President ZC London II & delegate

equal access to participation and decision-making in the social, political and economic life of the nation.

Welcome to Rotterdam!

Inge van 't Hoogerhuijs, said "It is an honour and privilege for me, as Chair of the rotterdam Convention Committee (rCC) to warmly welcome you to rotterdam. It will be an unforgettable Convention where we will find passion, emotion and devotion, with activities on the theme of: 'global empowerment through local Action."

lion consumers. Much of the Port was reclaimed from the North Sea, and the people of Rotterdam have the reputation of a hardworking, busy, dynamic, progressive and inventive people. There are interesting Business Sessions, major speakers, a Civic Reception, the 'mysterious' Lustful Luncheon, a choice of 11 different excursions to the premises of global players in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, a Picnic in the Park, and finally, a sponsored gala concert, followed by an unforgettable Farewell Party. Inge concluded by introducing her RCC team (from left to right): Iesje Vermeulen, Caja Schuurman, Mimi Loorbach, Ida Koutstaal and Judith Eltenberg, and said she was very grateful to them and all the volunteers who have devoted their time and energy towards the success of the Convention. Rotterdam has been dubbed 'La City' and been endowed with feminine attributes for the duration of the Convention. We will think globally about Zonta's goals and act locally in our communities. The Dutch menu card will give us all opportunities to advance the status of women worldwide. For this is what unites us. Rotterdam is Europe's largest logistic and industrial hub. Its port is the gateway to a European market of 450 mil-

Newsletter Zonta International Convention rotterdam 2008


Memorial Service Zonta Convention 2008

sundaymorning we have come together to remember those Zonta members that passed away during this biennium. to remember them means to keep them alive in our memory. For each of us this moment of contemplation and mourning is filled with different feelings and emotions.

When we lose a member of our club or of our board, we look back and ask ourselves: Why is it that missing her is so significant, so sad and painful? And looking back we see that over the years we have shared a bond that we didn't always realize. We are sad that there are so many things we didn't know about her and we regret the words we didn't say to her. Your Zonta member may not have been your best friend, or perhaps not even a close friend, but as an individual in your group she was unique. And we realize new members may come and they may fill her empty chair, but they cannot replace her, because she was special by being who she was. With our sadness we are also filled with gratefulness; grateful that we have known her, that her being a part of our lives made a difference. And we hope that our friendship also made a difference to her. So, in this Convention week in which words like meeting, sharing and bonding are key words, let us remember those Zonta members who are no longer with us, but whom we will not forget. Antoinette Stratenus

No one is immortal

By Vasalis

Translation: M.M. Vogelaar

He will lead me past grassy pastures To restful waters Now I shall nevermore be distraught, I feel the wide swell: death which as black water under duckweed enfolds my thinking, concealed and vast Over this breathing surface I trod but lightly and swiftly whispering: let me live for yet a while

The significance and strength of women

On saturday last, a unique opening took place in one of rotterdam's oldest museums. Heleen de Jong, a Zontian and native of rotterdam, organised the exibition comprising 28 wonderful photographs expressing the significance and strength of women in their work. It emphasises their importance as role models to others ­ our daughters, sisters and friends.

The exihibition is part of the activities of La City '08 in Rotterdam. In her opening speech, Heleen referred to her own activities during her studies as a member of Pallas Athena, a distinguished sorrority in Amsterdam, which dates from 1923 - only four years afer the voting right for women in the Netherlands was established. One of its rules: NO knitting! Striking, larger than life pictures of some of our prominent Rotterdam Zontians are on display: Liesbeth van Houwelinge, Jacqueline Frima and Ingeborg van 't Hoogerhuijs. Mrs Jantine Kriens was honoured to open the exibition. She didn't consider herself to be a role model until her two daughters (in their early twenties) said that she was theirs! The exhibition contributes to the awareness of how many choices girls and women have today. It's a pleasure to see the Rotterdam role models, young, not so young, famous and less famous in museum DUBBELDE PALMBOOM in the more historical part of Rotterdam, Delfshaven. Come and see for yourselves and enjoy!

Now the wind blows open the dep ths, under my feet grows the void I loved you, o green pastures, my own weight draws me down to where death extinguishes my fire in the ancient waters of eternal peace.

Irena Kivion of Torrens, Adelaide (District 23)

has been erroneously mentioned during the memorial service. However, even though she has been prevented from coming to Rotterdam for the convention, she is well and hoping to join us for many happy Zonta reunions


The average Zontian might think of nothing but oil wells, the clanking of spurs and whinnying of horses when thinking of Texas, but Dar and Angela tell us otherwise: Smiling under their cowgirl hats, Dar and Angela talk about the city of San Antonio with warmth. They describe a unique city, a blend of cultures: Mexican, cowboy (!), urban sophistication and Euro pean settlers ­ mostly from Germany. Remnants of French culture in Loui siana, native Indians in Arkansas, early settlers in Oklahoma ...

to come!

Zonta International Convention 2010 san Antonio texas

District 10 includes Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas and Okla homa. That means: a lot to do and places to see in June 2010!!

COMe tO teXAs IN 2010!


Advocacy in Action: Trafficking and Education

to a well-filled Jurriaans zaal, Maria Jose landeira Ostergard talked about how to improve access to science, mathematics and technology education for women and girls.

Furthermore, the audience was asked to talk about their activities and put forward suggestions on: 1. How to influence laws and policies; 2. How to raise public awareness and; 3. How to improve public education for women and girls. The questions of education and legislation were raised again in a paper presented by Romaike Zuidema. She talked about the experiences of her NGO: BlinN, which concentrates on helping victims of trafficking (in persons). In the opinion of the audience, education seems to be the best way for girls and women to get ahead, but strong legislation is also a key necessity to provide chances for women and girls so they can improve their lives.

More jobs and a more dynamic economy

european union Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes spoke to Zontians on the inequity of employment opportunities in the labour market.

There are currently nine serving women Commissioners, less than 20 years after the first was appointed. Her job as Commissioner for Competition is to create a levelplaying field for business that helps create a more dynamic, competitive and faster-growing Europe. Companies with the highest proportion of women in leadership roles perform better financially, and those with female chief executives or board directors achieve a 10 per cent higher return on capital. They are more profitable and efficient. Ms. Kroes thinks there is a male cartel that is not receptive to women in the work force. "Often women feel that they need to choose between having a successful family life and a The European Commission is taking action. We will adopt policies to successful career. This can be a serious barrier to women entering the labour market and competing for top positions. Unnecessary barriers that prevent new firms from competing in markets mean that customers lose out on the benefits these firms would bring. In just the same way, unnecessary barriers to women contributing fully to the labour market means we lose out on what women have to offer." incentivise female entrepreneurship and to help all people enjoy a better private life/work balance. This is not about positive discrimination ­ it is about addressing market failures that contain a sexist element. Women still face more difficult access to financing (no credit history, gender prejudices ...) - major barriers to starting small businesses. The goal is more jobs and a more dynamic economy, with social benefits of greater equality ­ and it's a project I am proud to give my full support to.

Servant Leadership: How to motivate, lead and manage volunteers successfully.

Jean-Ann French gave tips on how to lead volunteer teams by example.

She distinguished four stages for each volunteer project: (1) forming, (2) storming, (3) norming and (4) performing. Key for the leader is to blend the different skills of the teams members together which makes the power of the team. Proper utilisation of the volunteers, well defined project goals and time lines and a balanced distribution of the work load make this possible. The greatest threat to avoid is not to take on a project that is too large for your team.

Workshop Integrating Microfinance and Education to Empower Women and Reduce Poverty

the microfinance idea, conceived by the Bangladeshi Nobel laureate Dr MD Yunus, has come a long way. It has proven to be an effective means for empowering women and levelling the playing field.

In 2003, when Moumita Sen Sarma (ABN AMRO Bank in Mumbai, India) suggested her employer set up a microfinance branch in Mumbai, she learned on the job and now can never go back to being a boring banker! Impressive results were achieved in Southern India: poverty reduction; creating role models, inspiring others, and improving conditions for a few women. Femke Bos (Triodos Bank, The Netherlands) dreamt of being a flight attendant. Being a Fund Manager she can do it all: travelling extensively, and investing in funds in Asia and Africa." It's not only about loans, but also savings" Femke emphasises. Changes in mindset and safeguarding economic stability, microfinance makes total (business) sense! Dilruba Ahmed (International Director, member of ZC Chittagong, Bangladesh) concludes that improved conditions of women benefits society as a whole. Programmes like Mata Masu Dubara touch the lives of more than a million women and children.

Number 4, Monday 30 June


Tune: Twinkle twinkle little star! When you have a busy life Mother, daughter, boss and wife Something extra you can do Join a group that's up to you Zonta makes the difference too That's why we are members too Zonta Club, the name to us Always shall we build to service We can try to help girls sing We can help to let them swing Zontians have a lot to do Ambitous girls look at you

Zonta Pips And Governors Reunion Dinner

Six past International Presidents and 141 Governors, Past Governors and Incoming Governors attended the reunion dinner on Friday evening. The dinner was in the Groot Handelsgebouw restaurant near de Doelen. Regina Smit, Reunion Dinner Chair, past Governor of District 29, welcomed everyone, followed by a toast by Zonta International President Olivia Ferry. Everyone sang a special Zonta song.

We are what we wear!

As a Firsttimer to the 29th Convention I am overwhelmed by impressions.

Since the start on Friday, I am dazzled by the style, colour and elegance of my fellow Zontians. What colour, what grooming and what a display of ethnic fashion all around me! I admire them all: the beautiful African women with their special headdresses and with dresses covered with Zonta-logos, the elegant Asian women in glimmering silk or

the colourful European women with a variety of styles as diverse as the European States? Even those who do not wear traditional dresses from their countries, show up in lovely haute couture: beautiful designs from the Philippines, elegance from the US, Australia, France and Italy. The photographs below will give you

a small impression of what we have seen the last couple of days. The Newsletter team has had a wonderful time choosing among all of these wonderful fashion statements. We show our cultural roots and heritage in what we wear. It is valuable and important to hold on to this mostly female tradition!

Number 4, Monday 30 June

Pexie's corner

The internal fund raiser: Ulla Stock

Firsttimer Angenita Pex meets (extra)ordinary Convention participants:

Member of ZC Armsberg (Germany), normally an asset manager (real estate), today a raffle ticket seller. Goal for Convention: to meet as many Zontians as possible and find out what they do. Why did you join the Convention: "In Munster, I met this wonderful, exciting, special woman called Ingeborg van`t Hoogerhuijs. I did not know what a Convention was, but she just made me want to meet her again, visit Rotterdam and join the Convention. Ingeborg made it all sound like so much fun!"

The very ambitious Zontian: Ille ProckPfeiffer, Founder in 2003 of

ZC Herzogenaurach (Germany), vice-area president for D14-03 and Convention first-timer. First impression of Convention: it's overwhelming to see so many women, quite something different from being the only woman in a room filled with businessmen. She added in a whisper: "It's so calm, I expected much more noise." Goal for Convention: "I always wanted to meet someone from Burkina Fasso. I've already succeeded, I met a very nice lady from Wagadougou." Next goal: meet someone from Sweden.

The major fundraiser: Ksenia Bystrova

This former president (2001-2003) of ZC St.Petersburg-Neva sells the most amazing small Fabergé style egg pendants and Russian dolls at the market place. All profits go to their local project which is a shelter for teenage mothers in St.Petersburg. In 2006, for the same cause, ZC St. Peterburg-Neva organised an art exhibition (Feminale 2006) which was so successful that it reopens on 1 November 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland (organised by ZC Zurich). For more information, contact Ksenia at: [email protected]

Sunday 29 June

A view from the registration desk

the registration desk has been, even after just one day, a very interesting experience! My knees hurt, my voice is sore and I have a banging headache. But I can tell you: it has been worth all this!

Zonta International Foundation Booth:

tHeY gAVe: The top five Districts

in value of donations made at the ZIF booth are: 1. District 31 2. District 26 3. District 18 4. District 6 5. District 9

Credentials Committee Daily Report

8:30 am / 3 pm International Board: 11 / 11 Past International Presidents: 5 / 5 District Governors: 30 / 31 Delegate Votes and Proxy Votes Carried by Delegates: 1227 / 1305 Newsletter of the Zonta Friday morning at 11.00, the doors opened and a wave of women flooded our desk. Women dressed in business suits, jeans, wearing scarves with the Zonta logo or even in entire "Zontian" dresses. African women with beautiful robes on, in all kinds of colours and patterns. All waiting patiently before we could register them. Then all those names! The total amount donated for the Sometimes so beautiful: what do you think of "dottir" in their name, meaning daughter, or names impossible to pronounce, even after trying. I met a Russian lady from St. Petersburg who spoke excellent Dutch. The names of a whole group of Chinese women we could only read in their passports. At the end of the day we finally had some time to talk with these women. So interesting to hear where they are from (New Zealand for instance) and what trip they had to make to come to Rotterdam. My club members had warned me, but I had never seen anything like this. The world is colourful: all these Zontian women, talking and chatting, meeting and hugging, it makes you a happy person to be part of it! Colophon Text: Newsletter Committee Photography: Tom Pilzecker, Karin Oppeland, Sally Gordon Print: Drukkerij Tuijtel For more information: send all your copy to: [email protected] International Convention rotterdam 2008 number 4 | 1st July 2008 E-mail: [email protected]

Registration/ Attendance

International Board: 11 Past International Presidents: 5 District Governors: 31 Other Members Registered: 1851 Guests Registered: 135

total: 2033

Zonta International programs to date (sunday

29 June) is: US $ 31,641.54


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