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At John Zubick Limited we are concerned about the health and safety of our employees and the impact that we have on the environment. To ensure the safety of our employees and to protect the environment we have developed a policy regarding acceptable materials to be recycled. 1. Each purchase voucher has a disclaimer stating that you have ownership of the goods you are selling and that these goods are free of hazardous waste materials. A breach of this warranty will result in that customer being responsible for reimbursement to John Zubick Limited for any loss claims resulting from that violation. 2. Management retains the authority to reject any material. 3. Any unlawful dumping on our site will be reported to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

1. Materials not Accepted under any terms: · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Radioactive material Sealed containers Hazardous wastes as defined under Ontario Regulation 347 (R.R.O. 1990). Vehicles with a Propane or Natural Gas Tanks still attached. Any material made from or contaminated by Asbestos. Transformers which still contain oil. Oil cooled transformers which contained PCB oil at a concentration greater than 50 ppm. Capacitors on electric motors and switch-gear which are not identified as non-PCB. Ballast capacitors from lighting fixtures which are not clearly identified as non-PCB. Temperature gauges, thermostats, manometer switches or any other materials that contain Mercury. Nickel/Cadmium or Alkaline Batteries. Metal that is excessively dirty or covered with soil. Metal that is excessively covered with concrete. Any whole refrigeration equipment which has not been certified to be empty of Freon. This includes refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and de-humidifiers. Hazardous metal dust (i.e., Lead dust, Cadmium dust). Selenium (photocopier roller drums). Magnesium turnings. Excessive amounts of garbage.

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2. Materials Accepted under Special Terms: · · · · · · Drums (lids removed, clean, dry, no hazardous residues). Large tanks (clean and dry, valves removed, manholes open, ready for inspection). Allowances will be made for any dirt, mud or garbage. Vehicles with tires can be accepted with a deduction of weight for each tire. For car tires the allowance is 100 lbs per tire and truck tires are 200 lbs per tire. This covers the weight of and the disposal cost of the tires. A service fee of $10.00 will be charged for each vehicle with a fuel tank still attached. Oil cooled transformers (must be free of oil and must have a certificate of analysis which indicates that the oil contained less than 50 ppm PCB). Refrigeration equipment must be certified empty of Freon.

4. Yard Rules: · · · · The speed limit in the yard is 10 km/hr. The speed limit on the scales is 3 km/hr. Be aware of pedestrians, vehicles and equipment at all times. Anyone using offensive language or aggressive behavior may be asked to leave the property.

We appreciate your business and understanding of our need to protect employees and the environment. If there are any questions concerning these limits please call us at (519) 451-5470.

John Zubick Limited Scrap Metals 105 Clarke Road London, Ontario N5W 5C9

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