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Global Corporate in North America

Mid-Atlantic Region

Philadelphia Brandon Fick ­ Casualty [email protected] 215-979-6648

David Drake ­ Marine [email protected] 312-496-9546

Alain Bianco ­ Casualty International Programs from Zurich [email protected] 212-553-5568

Joseph Tinetti ­ Property [email protected] 404-851-3434 Noel Hearne ­ Monoline Boiler and Machinery [email protected] 214-866-1389 Houston Jeanne Jankowski ­ Global Energy [email protected] 713-787-5990 Scott Fuqua ­ Global Energy Exploration & Production [email protected] 713-787-5993 Jonathan McCoy ­ Global Energy Property [email protected] 713-787-7810 Peter Birch ­ Marine [email protected] 713-787-5928

Peter Dowerah ­ Casualty International Programs from Zurich LJ Modafferi ­ Monoline Boiler and Machinery [email protected] Charles Reilly ­ Property [email protected] 312-496-9409 [email protected] 212-553-528 215-979-6707 Brian Strain ­ Monoline Boiler and Machinery Northwest Region Paul Grimes ­ Casualty San Francisco International Programs from Zurich [email protected] 312-496-9241 Leon Ball ­ Property [email protected] [email protected] 215-979-6734 415-538-7272 Northeast Region Boston Steve L. John ­ Greg Hohman ­ Casualty Sean Terry ­ Casualty Monoline Boiler and Machinery International Programs from Zurich [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 617-570-8924 215-979-6672 415-538-7249 Bill Lemos - Property Pittsburgh Dave Fowler ­ Marine [email protected] Bill Meyerholt ­ Casualty [email protected] 617-570-8962 [email protected] 415-538-7206 412-937-5102 New York Patrick Hickey ­ Marine Brian Winters ­ Casualty Cleveland [email protected] [email protected] Bob Lewis ­ Property 415-538-7174 212-553-5776 [email protected] 216-447-4041 Amy Fox ­ Michele Sansone-Castellano ­ Monoline Boiler and Machinery Property North Central Region [email protected] [email protected] Chicago 415-538-7292 212-553-5297 Craig Mangone ­ Casualty [email protected] Marion Abston ­ Seattle 312-496-9395 Global Energy Property Connie Zener ­ Marine [email protected] [email protected] David Bartnick ­ Property 917-534-4692 206-346-2637 [email protected] 312-496-9154 Andrew Forbis ­ Marine South Central Region [email protected] Dallas James Aloway ­ 917-534-4645 Lajuanda Johnson ­ Casualty Global Energy Property [email protected] [email protected] 214-866-1356 312-496-9107

Southeast Region

Atlanta Julie Wood ­ Casualty [email protected] 404-851-3366 Joseph Tinetti ­ Property [email protected] 404-851-3434 Jan Wright ­ Marine [email protected] 404-851-3382

Jerry Brock ­ Monoline Boiler and Machinery [email protected] 404-851-3323

Southwest Region

Glendale Barry Grubb ­ Casualty [email protected] 818-409-2857 Douglas Bergen ­ Property [email protected] 818-500-4790 Ara Kazanjian ­ Marine [email protected] 848-409-2805 John Mrazik ­ Casualty International Programs from Zurich [email protected] 818-500-4765 Jacqueline Roberts ­ Monoline Boiler and Machinery [email protected] 909-795-4705 Margo Williams ­ Global Energy Property [email protected] 818-409-2849 Denver Barry Grubb ­ Casualty [email protected] 818-409-2857

Debbie Oleskiw ­ Electrical & Electronics, Metals, Heavy Manufacturing and Telecommunications [email protected] 416-586-2775

International Programs Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Group Andrew MacKinnon ­ International

Robert Curtis ­ Financial Lines & Excess Casualty [email protected] (NY) 212-553-5237 (WA) 253-514-8572 Programs from Zurich Casualty [email protected] 215-979-6752 Ausra Butikas ­ International Programs from Zurich Property [email protected] 847-605-6362

David Nelis ­ Forestry, Real Estate and Financial Institutions Anibal Moreno ­ [email protected] Financial Lines & Excess Casualty 416-586-2556 [email protected] 212-553-5294 Valerie York ­ Transportation [email protected] Dave Schmitz ­ Property 416-586-2938 [email protected] Fred Keller ­ Boiler & Machinery [email protected] 416-586-2832 Noelia Goncalves ­ Consumer goods Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage [email protected] 416-586-2831 Dean Cox ­ Captives & Alternative Risk Solutions [email protected] 416-586-2719 Kevin Doyle ­ Global Energy [email protected] 416-586-6848 847-240-8174 Benjamin Grado ­ Casualty [email protected] 847-762-7485


Steve Bauman ­ Captives [email protected] 917-534-4857

Integrated Risk

Robert Curtis ro[email protected] (NY) 212-553-5237 (WA) 253-514-8572

Terje Lovik ­ Customer Relationship Anibal Moreno Management [email protected] Markets & Transactions 212-553-5294 [email protected] 917-534-4630 Michael Blumenfeld [email protected] Property Healthcare 212-553-5253 Annette Konieczka ­ Property Healthcare [email protected] 214-866-1335 Todd Cunningham [email protected] 212-553-3336


Toronto Urs Uhlmann ­ Corporate Business [email protected] 416-586-2853

Cass Kuhlke ­ Boiler and Machinery Jane Veeder [email protected] [email protected] Art Ferland ­ Customized Services 404-851-3324 212-553-5219 [email protected] 416-586-2656 Structured Risk George Ingram ­ Robert Curtis Boiler and Machinery, Equipment James Tuplin ­ E&O Breakdown Reinsurance Assumed [email protected] [email protected] (NY) 212-553-5237 [email protected] 416-586-2739 (WA) 253-514-8572 404-851-3488 Todd Cunningham [email protected] 212-553-3336

Boiler and Machinery

Zurich 1400 American Lane, Schaumburg, Illinois 60196-1056 800 382 2150 This is intended as a general description of certain types of insurance and services available to qualified customers through the companies of Zurich in North America. Your policy is the contract that specifically and fully describes your coverage. The description of the policy provisions gives a broad overview of coverages and does not revise or amend the policy. Insurance coverages underwritten by member companies of Zurich in North America, including Zurich American Insurance Company. Certain coverages not available in all states. Some coverages may be written on a nonadmitted basis through surplus lines brokers. ©2011 Zurich American Insurance Company

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11-0485 Zurich in North America Contacts.indd

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