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Class: XII Science

Subject: Biology


March Anatomy of flowering Plant Absorption and movement of water Mineral and nitrogen Fixation Transpiration Animal Tissue April Digestive system Respiratory System Circulatory system Excretory System Crop today Evidences of evolution Mode of nutrition Domestication of plants Plant tissue culture June Origin of life Bio fertilizers and pesticides Endocrine system Nervous system Locomotion Reproduction and development in Angiosperm July Seed and fruit Reproductive system in human Embryonic development in mammals Differentiation and organ formation Growth, ageing and death August Theories of organic evolution Human evolution Mutation Body defence mechanisms Human diseases Mental health and community health Biomedical engineering Human population

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Physics Month March April Topic Electrostatics: Coulomb's law, Electric field, Guass Theorem, Electric potential.

Capacitors and dielectrics, electric resistance and ohm's law, Dc circuitsand measurement. Steady currents, Ammeter and voltmeters, Heating effect of current, Thermoelectricity. Magnetism: Magnetic field and Earth's magnetism, June ( April) Magnetic classifications of substance .Electromagnetism: magnetic effect of current, magnetic torque on current loop, electromagnetic induction, Transient currents, July ( June) Generator and motors, Ac circuits Wave Optics: Huygen's principle, Interference of light, Diffraction of light, August Polaristion of light. Electrons and photons, Photoelectric effect, Wave particle duality ,Atom , September Bohr'sTheory of hydrogen atom, X rays,Radioactivity, Nuclear structure,Energy mass Equivalence: Nuclear binding energy Semiconductor Devices Mid Term Exams October September Semiconductor Devices ,junction diode ,types of diodes,Zener diode as voltage regulator,transistor,npn,pnp,Amplifier, ,oscillator ,gates /october English Topic Month Macbeth-Act IV sci,ii, iii...... Poetry:i) A Prayer for My Daughter ii) The Shield of June Achilles Paper I : Composition Writing /Report writing Macbeth-Act V sc i ,ii...Paper I : Comprehension July Macbeth-Act V sc iii ,iv...... Short Stories:i)The fortune Teller. Poetry i)Church August Going. Paper I : Composition Writing /grammer Macbeth- v,vi... .Short Stories i) The Fly.Poetry:i) I'm getting Old Now. September Paper I:Comprehension Macbeth- vii,viii.... Short Stories i) The Fly.Poetry:i)Anthem for Doomed Youth ii)Telephone Conversation Paper I: Grammar exercises.. Mid October Term Exams Subject:Mathematics Month Topic


Determinant, Matrices


Conics, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Differentiation, Indeterminate Forms, Mean Value Theorem


Maxima and Minima, Integration, Definite Integration, Application of Definite Integration


Correlation and regression Analysis, Probability, Complex Numbers, Differential Equation


Vectors, Straight Lines in Space, Planes, Probability


Discount, Annuities, Linear Programming, Application of Derivatives in Commerce and Economics, Index Number, Moving Average


June Ch:1 Biodiversity Ch:2 Biodiversity for sustenance of mankind Ch:3 Ecological role and Economic potential Ch:4 Loss of biodiversity and conservation Ch:5 Environmental Mangement Ch:6 Legal Provisions for environmental management Ch:7 Approaches for environmental management Ch:8 Sustainable development Ch:9 Role play in sustainable development Ch:10 Support base for sustainable development Ch:11 Sustainable Agriculture Ch:12 Green Revolution Ch:13 Soil Management Ch:14 Irrigation system Ch:15 Crop protection and pest management Ch:16 Elements of sustainable agriculture Ch:17 Biotechnology for crop improvement Ch:18 Agriculture management






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